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Proffa type son opus Let’s recede dance

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Engengi Télé Proffa mixes African sounds and blues. DR

Engengi Télé Proffa mixes African sounds and blues. DR

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Music »The musician Engengi Télé Proffa publishes an album that mixes soukous; Afrobeat and Congolese rumba.

Engengi Télé Proffa is a Congolese who has lived in Freiburg for 9 years. -I left my nation for socio-political causes and since I’m an individual with a incapacity. I’m a sufferer of poliomyelitis; a illness that ruined my decrease limbs –; explains the artist. He got here to Switzerland along with his guitar; his voice and a musical expertise that allowed him to satisfy once more right here. With some buddies; he launched an album; Let’s recede dance. And the artist; to cite the whole community; all of the Friborg who supported him in his method: the Level Anchorage reception  middle; Claudio Rugo; Stavros Dzodzos from Soiled Sound Magnet and Dom Torche.

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