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FalleN’s Last Dance project is finally formalized

The nickname “Last Dance” refers to the documentary streamed on Netflix chronicling NBA superstar Michael Jordan’s final year with the Bulls. A last dance for a dream team is more or less the goal of Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his teammates.

save the last dance

We knew since the end of last year, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo did not want do not continue with Team Liquid which he had joined in January 2021 for three years. His ambition was to embark on a new project where he would bring together a good part of his former colleagues from Luminosity Gaming and SK Gaming in 2016, when they had won two consecutive Majors together. However, some refused to respond favorably to the call, we can cite Marcelo “coldzera” David who was not moved and had no intention of settling in Brazil again, but also Epitácio “TACO” de Melo who was very happy with the adventure that the GODSENT leaders offered him and which has gone smoothly so far.

iron, fnx and FalleN together again (c) ELEAGUE

On the other hand, two other players from this time of 2016 accepted the proposal, bad luck for FalleN they are not the most suitable. Thus, we will find Fernando “fer” Alvarenga completely losing ground and disappeared from the radars for almost two years, and Lincoln “fnx” Lau for whom the situation is even more worrying since he even stopped being a player to dedicate himself to managerial positions. Fortunately, other names complete the team and drift a little less. We find Ricardo “boltz” Prass, who is not really at the peak of his career but is still competitive despite everything and especially Vinicius “VINI” Figueiredo. The former FURIA Esports will finally be the only one able to develop real potential while surrounded by the undeniable experience of his new teammates.

All this small group has decided to settle in Brazil in the region of São Paulo and the organization that hides behind all these recruitments would be, according to Website, Imperial Esports. The constitution of such a project runs the risk of being extremely costly for the organization since three players were still under contract and not least: Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo in Team Liquid, Ricardo “boltz” Prass with Made in Brazil and Vinicius “VINI ” Figueiredo on the side of FURIA Esports. So even if on paper it’s hard to believe that this quintet is going to rock the house, players are even already talking about the fact that it will undoubtedly be the last experience of their career, from a marketing standpoint it’s just the jackpot. . Currently present at the Imperial Esports facilities from where they periodically broadcast on their respective Twitch channels. Every time they are online, all audience records explode just to hear them speak. Yesterday, for example, the four of them (VINI still not as popular as their new partners) gathered almost 50,000 people at the same time. Let’s see now during their matches and on the servers what they will give, if they are limited to Latin America they should still be able to get away with it with honors.

last dance composition

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