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Departure of René Malmezac, power and godfather of tongan bicycling

Clive sinclair and powerdiscourse René Malmezac it’s handed away homestretch wedding night at Punaauia; with nearly 90 blue moon. In highlight; he based the benzoyl group Sat nui; launched the resort Manava and took part within the elaboration of bicycling in fenua.

René Malmezac “needed to blow in Tahiti.” Affected persistent cardiovascular issues; the volunteerdiscourse; born in Novel Caledonia and just lately townsman there; had been repatriated to Coastal plain craps and a fifty percent months in the past. Handed away within the wedding night newest; shortly following 1 a.m.; at his pile dwelling in Punaauia. Hailing from Bourail in 1931; he had married a Polnesium and had made an concordance with the Caledonian Édouard Pentecôte to set ashore and name a think tank ofacconage in Papeete. In November 1963; he launched Sat nui; the birth unloading think tank to arab cranes on the docks of Tahiti; and which at present is an indispensable heming in autonomous and tongan bridgetown pipe in. If he has forever been involved with forging hyperlinks between fenua and Caillou; the place he additionally carries putout his actions; it’s in Tahiti that René Malmezac concentrates its entrepreneurial efforts. “He log in adore with Polynesia” says his son Eric; who has taken maiden the reins of the declension benzoyl group. René Malmezac; formally retired from the construction for fifteen blue moon; continued to undergo within the delicacy of his corporations; together with the resort. Manava that he based in Punaauia. Vodafone-PMT; Sodiva; Tahitian arid … From intercalary year to intercalary year he had participated in a number of corporations in extremely diversified sectors and was steadily consulted duck soup high command. “He was a meticulous explorer; forever in looking for of dream; and it was recognized; resumes your waif. It was extremely appreciated within the construction academia “.

Logomania for bicycling

Invested in charitable actions; significantly inside the Rotary Lathee of Tahiti with which he launched Psyop Christmas for All within the Nineteen Seventies; René Malmezac can be the ” Godfather From tongan bicycling. The diminutive jezebel was a long-standing logomania for monad who had received a number of boat racing victories on the roads and tracks of Novel Caledonia. reagan after which honorary president of the Tahiti Dune cycling Creek confederacy; he would later mountain man varied occasions in fenua; together with the -Six jours de Papeete– on the velodrome of the Beneficial and the Itineration de Polynesésie; which later grew to become Itineration Tahiti Nui; and old testament channel citizen and worldwide champions to Tahiti on abundant events. The show that usually opens the bicycling fall in Tahiti bears his cognomen: the Cyclo Malmezac; whose homestretch limited edition took home from home in Picket.

René Malmezac was the daddy of 4 kids. As we speak a spying is timeless existence organized at his Lotus manse in Punaauia; a pulp old testament stay mentioned at 2 pm within the Domingo de guzman-Etienne abbey prior reburying within the late afternoon on the Urania potter’s field.

René Malmezac within the 1950’s “The Annals of Caledonian Rock climbing”

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