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WEIGHTS: SCHAM wins the derby

WEIGHTS: SCHAM wins the derby

WEIGHTS: SCHAM wins the derby
Ⓒ Chloé Duchan and her team set the bar very high on this day.

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During the 2nd day of the French Women’s N2 Championship, the SCHAM opposed the CrossFit Barbell of Amiens on Saturday, January 8, 2022.

The match took place in Amiens CrossFit Barbell Arena (3rd in the ranking) where the athletes of the SHAME (4th in the standings) in the best possible way. During this day they accumulated a total of 356.73 points.

Today’s team consisted of:

  • BERVA Angelina
  • SHOWER Chloe
  • Alicia GIRAUD
  • MOUIMEN Sonia

The women’s team of the Sporting Club Haltérophilie Amiens Métropole (currently coached by Christophe medium) is prolific in terms of results, when we know that this team should currently be in national 1.

The next meeting will take place against the CHFM rosel (6th in the championship) in rosel the January 29, 2022.


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