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CrossFit much more than a passing whim…

CrossFit O’Lac co-owner and trainer Jean-Mikael Desmarais did well not to listen to the gossip that CrossFit was just a passing fancy. Nearly four years after launching his company, members are also numerous, including that he recently developed CrossFit for youth.
“New athletes always arrive and we have a good core of members who frequent the place all year round,” says the young man.
Two types of clientele participate in CrossFit, one competitive and the other more participatory.
CrossFit gives followers a very special feeling. Why do people love this sport to the point of posting photos of their exploits on social media, for example?
According to Jean-Mikael Desmarais, it is the pride they feel that pushes them to act this way.
“With CrossFit, you can always improve. There are so many moves that the possibilities are almost endless. Followers can train according to their physical abilities. When they end up doing something they couldn’t do, they surprise themselves!”

CrossFit enthusiasts appreciate the opportunity to constantly challenge themselves.

young initiates
Holder of a degree in physical education, Jean-Mikael Desmarais plans to follow the official CrossFit training for children. He plans to travel to Montreal in the coming weeks to do so.
This training would be added to the ones you already have: weightlifting (level 1), gymnastics (level 2) and CrossFit (level 2).
“He would be the first in the region to receive this training. It’s fun, because young people have a great interest in CrossFit.
For the fall session alone, 30 youth ages 5 to 11 learn the basics of the sport.

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