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CrossFit is now only practiced outdoors

With the lack of confidence, certain sports disciplines have been able to resume their activity, but respecting the new rules. This is the case of CrossFit, which is now only practiced outdoors.

The first “wod” (a series of exercises to follow) of the day will start at 10:00 a.m., there are still three quarters of an hour left for Sébastien, one of the two trainers at the Grenoble CrossFit gym, to prepare his playing field in the air free: “and yes, we go in and take out a lot of material for the different sessions, but it doesn’t matter, it’s already sport“.

Because the great post-confinement novelty is that, and until further notice, the discipline that is usually practiced in closed spaces must now come out of its “box” to express itself outdoors: “is part of the new rules, and we apply them to the lettersays Sebastian.We also pay attention to the distance between the floor mats, and then there can be no more than 10 people per class. Not to mention the mandatory hand washing with hydroalcoholic gel before the start of training, for all participants.

Tailor-made return programs

For this recovery, Sébastien has prepared a work that takes into account the two months of forced stoppage, it is not about going back to the ground, as if nothing had happened: “most of the graduates were still doing exercises at home, to talk, but they only worked with their body weight. So you have to be careful when you start again with weights, you have to know how to start slowly or you run the risk of injuring yourself. That’s what I pay attention to the most, because some are a little impatient. !”

Eager to lift weights, chain squats, push-ups and other pull-ups at a jaw-dropping pace, but also impatient to be together:”It was a real lack, the effort is individual but the collective sessions make you go further. These group environments are irreplaceable… even if we respect the distancesNathan says, his face crossed by the smile of someone who is happy to have made and achieved so much effort under a generous sun.It is true that it changes us. The sun changes the rules of the game, the heat is stronger, you have to be even more attentive to hydration, without forgetting the environment, the ground is not completely flat so the supports are different. Then I wonder if the trainers won’t do outdoor sessions, because they realize we like it. We’re not so bad outside !”

One sweep and it’s over

End of the “wod”, from head to toe, the bodies are dripping with sweat, many are lying on the asphalt to catch their breath, breathe a little before finishing their training with one last novelty: the cleaning of all the objects used. weights, mats, jump rope handles: “everyone is playing the game, it is going very well, it is also a way to show that we are united and respectful to the other members of the club that will use this equipment. We pass everything with hydroalcoholic gel, we use wipes and the carpets have the right to a large broom.

Before leaving, the participants are entitled to a small shower as a mist/freshness, a way like any other to forget that they no longer have the right to “shake” to say goodbye.

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