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VIDEO. We attempt Nordic cross-country snowboarding for you in Haut-Doubs

Finish cross-country snowboarding? Extra appropriate for the Jura massif than downhill snowboarding, it attracts increasingly more practitioners. We believe examined this self-discipline for you, in Haut-Doubs, close Métabief!

You may depart downhill snowboarding within the Haut-Doubs and Haut-Jura, however you race the danger of losing interest shortly. The Jura Massif, positioned at medium altitude, is extra appropriate for cross-country snowboarding. However what’s it precisely?

It’s merely the oldest ski on the planet. The mountaineers used to make use of it to crawl from one city to a different. The spatulas had been made from wooden, like these discovered connected to the partitions of chalets, within the coronary heart of the mountain. Though this nonetheless little-known self-discipline is on the rise, particularly this 12 months by which the ski lifts are stopped attributable to Covid-19, we went to check, with an expert teacher, this very conclude self-discipline.

We arrived beforetime at Quatre Vents, Vincent Lhomme-Choulet’s rental store, in Métabief. The objective is to hold benefit of the gorgeous morning lights. It’s forever extra nice to depart on an tour. Snow is all over the place in January 2021. The insignificant Haut-Doubs resort, positioned an hour from Besançon, is roofed in a gorgeous white coat. The mud fell the day prior. At the present time guarantees to be  flawless, regardless of the clouds within the sky.

We attempt Nordic cross-country snowboarding for you in Haut-Doubs

Take away the seal skins from underneath the spatulas.

We begin by discovering the correct materials for Nordic cross-country snowboarding. Leaving the sealskins underneath the paddles, right here we’re backcountry snowboarding like a traditional cross nation ski, however wider with a telemark hyperlink (the peculiar downhill approach that forces us to execute lunges and subsequently believe thighs of real).

“We do not use the equivalent gear as we execute for cross-country snowboarding. There, we might be certain of the invention of the Jura massif. We might be qualified to evolve in 30 meters of optimistic and 50 meters of descent with out asking ourselves questions on what’s underneath the skis “ explains Vincent Lhomme-Choulet, who’s assured on this follow and is wanting ahead to creating it together with his companion Evasions Nordiques, which incorporates our teacher of the day Julien Jeanningros. “We had been qualified to equip ourselves for half the fee. There may be very miniature out there for hire of this sort of gear, however there are increasingly more on the market ” additionally specifies the proprietor of Haut-Doubs

Right here we’re outfitted with boots and skis of our dimension. It goes with out saying that Nordic touring ski boots are 10 instances extra snug than alpine ski boots; However we are saying it anyway We’re prepared to begin. Julien takes us to Rochejean, to the Granges Raguin. We might be peaceful there. And the objective of cross-country snowboarding is to be alone in nature. A lot to show you that we are going to not be upset.

Nobody has been there prior us

We grasp our toes on the skis and head external. Pascal and I believe a stable basis in downhill snowboarding and believe accomplished cross-country snowboarding a few times. We discover our marks shortly. One ski following one other, on the rhythm of a traditional stroll, we advance by a thick layer of snow, amazed by the character that surrounds us and contented to find virgin areas of all human footprint. That is what amazes us essentially the most. Nordic cross-country snowboarding permits it and, in our opinion, that is the objective of this follow. Nobody has been there prior us. Neither… ? By no means. Julien factors together with his stick at a peculiar path within the snow. “The place execute you contemplate the again legs are and the place are the fore legs on this monitor?” Unfamiliar interrogate that perplexes us. A number of hours prior us, it is a hare that slipped by right here. Throughout our stroll, we found the tracks of a deer, a squirrel and even a marten. We’re delighted to now be qualified to acknowledge your animals within the snow.

Julien Jeanningros makes us discover the tracks of animals in the snow, during our initiation in Nordic cross-country skiing.

Julien Jeanningros makes us uncover the tracks of animals within the snow, throughout our initiation into Nordic cross-country snowboarding.

© Sarah Rebouh – France 3 Franche-Comté

Julien, our teacher, advances at our tempo and calibrates our degree to supply us appropriate descents. The objective is to not the beginning of an event with an excessive amount of confidence and drop safely. The primary tracks reassure us and fabricate us desire to attempt steeper ones. The necessary factor is to bend your knees, inspect straight forward, and tense your muscle tissue. Turning is a little more sophisticated … For the reason that telemark approach clearly discourages us, we opted for the less complicated one, which consists of rotating the shoulders. We’re not going to conceal it from you, we believe taken one or two cherished ones … However with a lot snow, it’s nearly unimaginable to damage you. However, laughter is assured.

Following two excellent hours of strolling, with out forgetting the well-known “Comté demolish” compulsory for the skilled hiker of Franche-Comté, we descend gently. The thigh muscle tissue launch to interrogate for relaxation, however nothing too sinful. That is additionally one of many excellent factors of Nordic ski mountaineering. Everybody goes at their very own tempo and makes the hassle they desire. Finish you desire to sweat? You may execute it by choosing up the tempo. Finish you desire to ponder nature with out haste? Clearly it’s conceivable, simply stroll extra slowly. Finish you desire to believe enjoyable on the descents? You might be free to begin!

Sensible data :

Within the Métabief sector, the company Nordic escapes affords introductions to this self-discipline, extra accessible to novice skiers. On common, for half a day, you’ll believe to pay between 30 and 40 euros, materials included. The day journey will value you 69 euros.

Tools rental when you desire to follow alone:
Skis, boots and poles: about 20 euros a day (half the value of alpine snowboarding).

Bear in mind to fastidiously consider your bodily situation. Let’s not overlook that the trail traveled in a single course should essentially be made on the best way again.

In the event you position to journey a number of kilometers, convey a map or a GPS. In contrast to mountaineering, the paths are clearly not marked as they execute not exist!

Really useful clothes:
Favor alpine ski pants over leggings or different cross-country ski pants. Nordic backcountry snowboarding is practiced in powder snow, you race the danger of getting your toes moist in case your pants are usually not low sufficient.

Do not forget your pair of sun shades and sunscreen, and convey water and snacks with you when you position to be out for a number of hours.

Acquire a  pleasant hike!

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