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Uncover Machecoul Saint-Even by bike or canoe!

Canoe tours are offered on the Falleron.
Canoe excursions are supplied on the Falleron. © du pays de Retz

All summer timeSud Retz Atlantique vacationer workplace and its companions suggest “to find or rediscover town Machecoul Saint-Even and its environment –; exposes Laura Glass; First Deputy Mayor. Listed here are some solutions.

Bike or canoe trip

Bicycles can be found on the Rabine campsite. The supplier The Salt Route He has been creating mild itinerant actions for nearly 40 years; by bike; on foot or by canoe; within the coronary heart and on the sting of the Breton-Vendée marshes.

The walks and hikes are primarily supplied with a competent information to find the historical past of the swamp. Additionally it is conceivable to fade by yourself. These actions are carried out at a number of websites to keep away from -excessive frequency– of the alike location.

” pleasant canoe trip”

Departure in the direction of the guts of the city of Machecoul; then route within the swamp with its meadows; birds; abundant channels. Period of the stroll: 2 hours.

Autonomous canoe route

Following having listened to the technical navigation and security suggestions; individuals who already maintain expertise can enact the route independently.

” pleasant bike trip”

Leaving the Rabine campsite; with a information; uncover the native heritage; the ruins of a fortress marked by Gilles de Rais; Joan of Arc’s comrade in arms; the traces of an critical Benedictine abbey; the restored lime kiln; the rooms of mechanics. ..

Then the stroll leads by means of the countryside to the bocage panorama; marked by horticulture on the sting of the Breton marshes of the Vendée. The pure; cultural and historic curiosities of the city are revealed. Period: roughly 2 hours.

Bike rental

The Ruta de la Sal affords bicycle rental for adults and youngsters with the vacationer workplace (trailers and  infant carriers). The vacationer workplace has been labeled “Accueil Vélo” since spring. This model ensures high quality providers to cyclists alongside the routes.

Info on +33 2 40 31 42 87.

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