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Video: Oscar the Holidays – Vroum vroum

Marshmallow December 30, 2021

Forget Lady Oscar or Funès, get on the super 5 d ‘Oscar the holidays so as not to miss the departure of an artist who will soon be in pole position.

No, this is not the last point of road safety. But nevertheless, Oscar the holidays could propose vrum vrum to the government to change its silly campaigns. So on the eve of bullfights and drunken off road trips, let’s listen to Oscar to finally hit the holiday highway.

Oscar the Vacation – Vroum vroum

Vroum vroum vroom on the gas
Boom boom boom 200 on the meter
Fast fast fast like a bullfighter

Panic powder in blind spots

I see spots of color instead of directions
Bourg-la-Reine, I’m too deep
Flash flash flash every kilometer

When I was 5 they called me La Flèche
I trace the asphalt like a bull in heat
Boom boom boom I got your uppercut plates

206 truck in my viewfinder

Triangle sandwich for my 4 o’clock

Flame flame flame on the hood
I always turn red at the crossroads
Jogging-polo and sunglasses
I take 2h30 for a Paris-Marseille
Little bit coin pay at the gas pump
For me the road is a 6th sense
Payment in little bit currency at the toll
For me, a speed bump is a runway
I left my mother on the road to the sun

Instead of milk he had bottled fuel oil

At 4 years old I learned to change an engine

I did damn deo with truckers
For my first tooth I bought a gasoline motorcycle
I learned how to do it in the emergency lane
When I was 10 I learned that the Earth was round
And it was already 120 around the world

But today was my last trip.

Through the windshield of my last shipwreck

Fireball on fire under the convenience store
In heaven I become Michael Schumacher
I ascended to heaven with my 205
Walk with the angels on the road to Olympus
Sail sails among cumulus clouds
In the background of the sky there are roller coasters

Vroum vroum vroom on the throttle
Boom boom boom 2000 in the subway
Fast fast fast like a bullfighter
Panic, damn, what is there after death (x2)

Oscar the Holidays – Dance of the Swans

Dance of the swans

Tracklist: Oscars Holiday – Swan Dance

  1. I would want to
  2. the departmental
  3. Dance of the swans
  4. it’s hard to be french
  5. To two
  6. stone apple
  7. Everything for nothing
  8. Single
  9. it’s carnival
  10. Who are you
  11. An animal
  12. the animals
  13. Turn around
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