Details on the process of publishing illegal docks in the Lac Taureau Info Lanaudière Regional Park

The Matawinie MRC would like to provide details on the process of placing illegal piers in the Lac Taureau Regional Park, which takes place over several days in the municipality of Saint-Michel-des-Saints.

This contact with the owners or users of the docks is an opportunity to open a dialogue about the occupation of land in the domain of the State. Interested citizens are invited to quickly communicate with the MRC.

Consequently, the objective of the process is also to document each file by collecting all relevant information to identify sustainable solution pathways to maintain the protection of the Taureau Lake environment while ensuring that access to the lake is obtained in a manner fair and legal. “We are aware that the notice of possession can shock citizens and raise a number of questions. », Sylvain Breton, prefect of the MRC of Matawinie, says. For his part, the mayor of Saint-Michel-des-Saints, Mr. Réjean Gouin adds that “the municipality intends to support citizens, in collaboration with the MRC, in the process of regularizing their facilities, respecting the laws and regulations ”.

To this end, it should be noted that the procedures relating to occupations without land rights in the domain of the State are framed by laws and regulations. For the sake of fairness with all users of the territory, the MRC of Matawinie must apply the procedure in force resulting from the Delegation Agreement for the management of land in the domain of the State in the Lac Taureau Regional Park. This is what explains the period of seven months written in the call, which also specifies that said period allows questions or objections, or even clarifications about the current occupation.

The Matawinie MRC wishes to reassure affected citizens. Discussions and briefings on possible solutions will take place in spring 2022. Until then, the MRC is requesting everyone’s collaboration to obtain any document or clarification that allows each case to be properly documented in order to propose adapted sustainable and equitable solutions. Citizens are invited to contact MRC representatives at the following coordinates: 450 834-5441 ext. 7037 or

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The Matawinie MRC would like to provide details on the process of placing illegal piers in the Lac Taureau Regional…

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