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Essonne: Bowling parking brawl turns into attempted murder

The discussion almost turned into a drama. On December 15, two groups of friends have fun at the bowling ballainvilliers. Two men argue about … special shoes used for this hobby.

The fight breaks out in the parking lot. Members of one of the two groups return to their Lagoon and pounce on their opponents for the day. One of the victims has a broken arm and 31 days total incapacity for work (ITT). Five bowling patrons were injured in total. The agents of the Palaiseau Gendarmerie Surveillance and Intervention Squad (PSIG) were called urgently to separate the protagonists.

A gendarme was almost run over

Put to flight, the Laguna passengers who rushed towards the other group deliberately collided with a gendarmerie car. They fail to crush a gendarme, saved at the last moment by one of his companions who pushes him aside. The soldier, very fallen, comes out with a broken hand. Two of his teammates are injured and receive 15 and 21 days of ITT respectively.

A month later, on January 15, a major operation by the Palaiseau gendarmerie resulted in several arrests. Supported by a helicopter, more than 70 gendarmes head first thing in the morning to two camps of the nomadic community in Longpont-sur-Orge and Balainvilliers.

Three young people aged 18, 20 and 25 were referred this Friday, January 17, to the Evry prosecutor’s office for attempted murder and attempted murder in person with public authority. Placed under judicial supervision, they were prosecuted for aggravated violence.

Cannabis plants discovered during searches

The two youngest, with “modest” backgrounds, are known for violence. The oldest record has 13 mentions including 8 for violence. He is suspected of being the Laguna driver who rushed towards the opposing group. The Evry-Courcouronnes prosecutor’s office appealed against his placing under judicial control. The person who tried to run over the gendarme has not yet been found.

Essonne: Bowling parking brawl turns into attempted murder
Ballainvilliers, January 15. The gendarmes discovered a cannabis plantation during their searches. / Gendarmerie de l’Essonne © Gendarmerie de l’Essonne

The gendarmes did not stop surprising during the raids on January 15. In the Travelers camps, they discovered hundreds of clothes and sports shoes stolen from a store in the Palaiseau district, a vehicle stolen in December in Hauts-de-Seine and an industrial cannabis growing device hidden in a container.

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