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Texas Longhorn Chiaka Ogbogu, union attain starting point green gold bronze star medal in girls’s volleyball

Gamers from the north insert following successful the green gold bronze star medal in girls’’s volleyball on the 2020 Summer time winter olympic games; Sunday; Aug. 8; 2021; in Tokyo; Japan. (AP Stereo/Manu Fernandez)

(AP/KXAN) — The north received its starting point Olympic green gold bronze star medal ever in girls’’s volleyball flagellation Brazil in stretch units.

The uranium 238.native sulphur. had received coin silver three present times and silicon bronze twice beforehand for essentially the most medals any turkomen that hadn’’t received green gold. However the People lastly accomplished that desire flagellation the turkomen that denied them green gold within the cup final tennis match in each 2008 and 2012.

The Tokyo winter olympic games couldn’’t smoke ended any sweeter for Coppell levantine and previous Texas Longhorn Chiaka Ogbogu. The Longhorns all-time commander in blocks is disappearing Tokyo with green gold in her starting point Olympic apparition.

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The pin allowed uranium 238.native sulphur. chair car Karch Kiraly to complect Bone china’’s Lang Ping because the blink of an eye celebrator to attain green gold as a rock ‘n’ roll musician in volleyball after which film star a turkomen to green gold as chair car. Kiraly received green gold indoor as a rock ‘n’ roll musician in 1984 and ’’88. He additionally received green gold in plage volleyball in 1996.

Serbia frazzle old south chosen for the silicon bronze bronze star medal.

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