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a 100% NUC Queen of Switzerland couple in M17

The canton of Neuchâtel knows how to do it when it comes to beach volleyball. Sara Milz and Caroline Delley became Swiss U-17 champions this weekend in Lucerne. These finals brought together the sixteen best female and male couples in each age category.

The two players, both trained at the NUC, were the favorites of the tournament. Winner of ten tournaments this season, the duo did not drop a set during this final phase.

Another NUC player, Julie Bovet, climbed to the third step of the podium in the same category. She was associated with the Thurgauvian Kimi Schnegg.

In M23, Saintblaisoise Inès von der Weid placed seventh in the final, eliminated in the quarterfinals by future champions from Switzerland. Finally, among the boys, the Colombian Kim Di Chello was ninth in M23.

The three medalists from Neuchâtel, from left to right, Julie Bovet, Caroline Delley and Sara Milz. Photo: Denis Milz Breaking News 24/7 Copr.