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The 2 goals of the most credible Lakers on the market

With the deadline approaching, the Lakers are still hoping to make a good move to strengthen their roster. Rob Pelinka has several players in his sights, but Bleacher Report reveals two truly believable targets for this team: the fans themselves, who are demanding change.

After a difficult first part of the season, with defeats and numerous absences, doubts have settled in Los Angeles. Can this roster really contend for the title with the top stables? We can ask serious questions, as is the case with Rob Pelinka today.

The deadline is February 10 as a reminder, which doesn’t leave much time to make important decisions. Angelenos will have to choose: simple signings to bring in that little extra, or a major trade to enhance all of that.

The Lakers complication for the deadline

Only here, for Eric Pincus, who works at Bleacher Report, these trades are clearly not going to be easy to set up. Businessman russell westbrook ? Given his contract, it’s almost impossible. Talen Horton-Tucker sees his rating drop significantly, but it could be enough for two targets.

While the Lakers have ideas for Simmons, Turner and Grant, the franchise may not have enough to pull off this deal. Westbrook’s contract cannot be moved, and Talen Horton-Tucker is stuck in his third season. Terrence Ross of the Orlando Magic or Eric Gordon of the Rockets are possible, as long as someone wants to try their luck with THT.

At the moment, the position of the franchises regarding THT is still unclear. What can be said is that the trader is not impossible, but the interest is not as great as before. Additionally, Angelenos have fairly limited assets, which means setting up an exchange is not easy.

However, it is not surprising to find Talen Horton-Tucker’s name there. The end is one of 6 Lakers on the market for the deadline, even if it is necessary to find interested teams. For Rob Pelinka, this is where it gets tricky.

For the Lakers, setting up a trade before the deadline is very complex. We still find two interesting targets, with quite strong competition. However, the Purples and Golds don’t have much of a choice: They’ll have to recruit for the title.