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The light came from the Wagner brothers | NBA

The light came from the Wagner brothers | NBA

Finally, a positive for Orlando, which has never been unworthy since the start of the season despite the losing streak and saw the tide turn in the right direction last night in Charlotte. For the return of Jalen Suggs, Floridians have indeed returned to victory after ten scarcity games, with as a “curious fact” the remarkable performances of the Wagner brothers, Franz and Moritz.

The rookie stood out with a complete game with 19 points (8/11 shooting), 6 rebounds, 7 assists and 2 blocks while Moritz signed his second best offensive game in his NBA career with 26 points. The tandem worked remarkably in the 15-2 that Orlando passed in the last act to fly towards victory, savored at its fair value.

“It’s a lot of work. You work every day, in matches, in training and after a while, you want to see your efforts rewarded, in particular with a victory. At one point, we thought we had to play to win, go to look for it. It clearly matters.” Moritz noted.

A spirit of brotherhood that is reflected in the entire team

Especially since the Floridians had conceded five of their last six losses by 6 points or fewer. This time, the group did not submerge at the moment of conclusion.

“We’ve seen this scenario before as we’ve often found ourselves in close games recently and where we’ve lost our temper a bit, particularly losing the thread defensively. You can miss shots, but you have to stick to the principles of the game plan, and if you stick to it, the game can swing back in your favor. We have experienced this often lately. We were all motivated to change that, to say to ourselves: “This time we keep our foot on the gas and continue to play smart, as we should, without losing our composure.” I am very happy that it happened today.”Moritz Wagner continued.

This season, it was rather Franz who had shown himself, even joining the race for the rookie of the year after his remarkable month of December (19.5 points, 5.1 rebounds, 3.1 assists) punctuated by one point to 38 points and a Rookie of the Month trophy. This time it was Moritz Wagner who upped his game.

The association of the two has especially contributed to the Magic who have also been able to count on the replacements of Jalen Suggs, RJ Hampton or even Gary Harris.

“They are two brothers, so it can be said that they are linked, connected, that they have this cohesion. But what they did really well was that they not only looked out for each other, but also made the right decisions for their teammates. They also talked to their teammates, with that competitive spirit that won over the entire team., for his part, highlighted Jamahl Mosley.

“We can talk to each other differently and we know how the other will take it. That level of understanding, between them, helps a lot for sure.”

Inevitably, the connection between the “Wagner Bros. Serves the Magic, as the two players know each other and don’t hesitate to talk candidly moving forward.

“It is true that it helps us in terms of communication, because we know each other very well. In any case, I feel that way, because we can talk to each other in another way and we know how the other is going to take it. That level of understanding, between them, helps a lot for sure.”Moe acknowledged.

For Franz, the presence of his older brother also offers him a significant milestone on the ground.

“I watched a lot of Moe’s games in college and of course in the NBA, so I know what he’s looking for. He is a smart player, who will always try to make the right choice, who likes to pass and create for others as well. Sometimes when I cut, he ends up in the corner, ready to shoot, so it’s quite easy to play with someone like him, who is really versatile. It makes a lot of things easier in attack.”.

Now it remains to be confirmed with more regularity, hoping that the Magic will not need to wait ten more games to savor victory again.

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cole antonio2834.040.434.485.
Franz Wagner4232.145.035.884.
Wendell Carter, Jr.3729.348.933.
Terrence Ross3. 426.541.631.387.
Jalen Suggstwenty-one27.733.925.576.
gary harris3529.444.836.684.20.71.5231.
Mohamed Bamba3228.144.833.376.
robin lopez1818.656.
chuma okeke3123.235.323.887.
r j hampton3819.538.737.460.
b j johnson416.
Moe Wagner3211.545.033.379.20.51.8230.
Hassani Gravett821.447.442.375.
Admiral Schofieldeleven15.953.735.
Tim Frazier1020.030.235.355.
Michael Mulderfifteen13.029.928.3100.
Aleem Ford514.730.
freddie gillespie913.
Ignas Brazdeikissixteen9.028.618.