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Franz Wagner’s beautiful score, with his big poster at the end | NBA

Not so reassuring in the Summer League, not even in the preseason, German Magic rookie Franz Wagner had the best game of his young career last night. The doubts of the summer are already far in the retro …

With 28 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals, the former Michigan player simply led his Magic team to victory in Minnesota. By achieving this performance in the eighth game of his career, he even became the third-fastest rookie in Magic history to reach the 25-point stage.

“It helps a lot when the shots come in. This is what opens up many other options “, and reacts to Franz Wagner After the match. “It is also thanks to the coach who gives me this opportunity and puts me in these situations. My colleagues trust me in these situations. “

A thunderous dunk to wrap up a record night

Franz Wagner, who began his evening with success in the curves, subsequently managed to create favorable situations for himself by taking initiatives towards the circle. A good ball handler for his size, he even ended his evening in style. From a thunderous dunk on three Minny players, for the poster of the night!

“We were all surprised: ‘Damn it, Franz! This is good, this is really good! ‘We saw it 8 or 9 times [dans les vestiaires] », Cole Anthony laughed, close to the triple-double with 31 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists. “Each time, I screamed at the end when he smashes everything in the circle. This dunk cheered me up, it was a crazy action. Well done to my young man. “

Driven in the fourth quarter, with 10 of his 28 units, Franz Wagner deployed his entire offensive panoply against the disappointed Wolves. Her dunk exclamation point even took him by surprise.

“We do not necessarily realize what we are doing in those moments. I tried to jump as high as possible to complete my action. Obviously, I was really happy I did the dunk and took a look at the bench to see how my teammates were reacting and it was probably the best time to see the guys happy for me. I was glad that everything went well. “

A great basketball IQ

As confused as he was on unstructured “Summer League” basketball, Franz Wagner is currently finding his cruising speed in Jamahl Mosley’s systems who makes no secret of his admiration for his rookie.

With 14 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists on average at the start of the season, with a very good 49% shooting accuracy, including 44% on 3 points, Franz Wagner is doing much better than expected.

“He has such a high basketball IQ,” blows his trainer. “He takes the correct readings, finds the player open and knows when to accelerate, when to attack the circle, when to pass the ball. His basketball IQ and his knowledge of the game, the things he sees, that’s what sets him apart. “

If it looks like he’s already surpassed his older brother Moe in the Magic rotation, Franz Wagner is keeping a cool head. This race record is great, but it’s about keeping up. Continuing with the simple game.

“I just try to play well every second”, concludes the hero of the night. “Take the shots that are open. If I’m not open, I dribble or pass someone else. “

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