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On January 17; 2014; Kevin Durant (54 points) beat Golden State | NBA

This 2013-2014 season is marked by fantastic duels between the Warriors and the Thunder. Before the match on January 17; the two teams have already met twice; and it took two “strikers” to decide between them. came the first by Andre Iguodala and the second; a few days later; russell westbrook.

For their third meeting of the season; we could expect a show; and it was. But this time; there is no game over with a knife. Just a stratospheric performance from future MVP: Kevin Durant.

Already 29 points at the break…

Without Russell Westbrook; the Thunder star will fly into this matchup like never before. Since the beginning of the season; he has been running at 30 points per game. That night; your average will explode. It’s simple; at halftime it already adds 29 units. But up front; the Curry-Thompson duo has the answer and KD must continue their effort.

It was in the last quarter; five minutes from the end; that he was going to end up disgusting the Warriors. He scored 11 points in less than two minutes; with incredible shots. Draymond Green; Klay Thompson or Harrison Barnes can only see the damage; all unable to hinder the performance of the artist.

“When you feel this kind of thing happening; you go back to your bench and see how your teammates react; it motivates you more.” KD says. -So I started listening to the fans. »

The “MVPs!” MVP! MVP! falls from the Chesapeake Energy Arena; and the public is not wrong. Their star player just killed the game with a career-high 54 points. Ironically; Kevin Durant would join the Warriors two years later; to win two titles; with two Finals MVP trophies.

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