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For Taj Gibson, the episode between Julius Randle and the fans is linked to pressure from New York | NBA

For Taj Gibson, the episode between Julius Randle and the fans is linked to pressure from New York | NBA

Julius Randle will say no more. interviewed by the press for the first time since his thumbs down to the Knicks fansthe interior of New York did not want to expand. ” I have talked “, he repeated in reference to his message posted on Instagram late last week. What about his reaction after being fined 25;000 for his comments? ” None. »

The leader of the Knicks, who is coming off a catastrophic game against the Spurs, wants to turn the page and focus on the game, he can count on his teammate, and team veteran, Taj Gibson, to help you.

For him, this kind of situation It would affect anyone. Going to a popular stadium, Madison Square Garden, one of the best places in the world to play, with one of the best audiences in the world, is a pressure. That’s why he chose to come here. Lots of guys deal with that. It is related to New York. »

And the characteristic of this city is that if ” you play well, they will like you. You play bad, you’ll find out “, estimates Tom Thibodeau’s protégé, considering that it is important “move along Implicitly, these current tensions will eventually subside once the interior manages to put up the same performances as last year, and the Knicks consistently find their way to victory.

“It’s about the game. Ask Patrick Ewing… But it’s something that has to motivate you and you have to keep going.” Few guys can play here. You have to be tough to get there. »

The sequel to the next episode, the following night, with the Mavericks’ reception at Madison Square Garden.

Julius RandlePercentagebounces
SeasonTeamMJminimumshooting3 pointsLFOffDefUntilP.S.sourcein youbpConnecticutpoints
2019-20New York643346.027.773.
2020-21New York713845.641.
2021-22New York403641.431.

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