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The massive 9-man; 4-team trade that would save Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons could be traded for Brandon Ingram

hoopsferro (DR) / @sixers (DR)

After months and months of protesting and making his desire to leave Pennsylvania known; Ben Simmons is still a Sixer. But as the trade deadline approaches; things could speed up. Indeed; a 9-player trade between rebuilding franchises could save the Australian leader.

time passes; and Ben Simmons He still doesn’t appear to be going to Philly; even though he’s been asking for a trade since last summer. It must be said that the Sixers are relatively well placed in the Eastern Conference; that Tyrese Maxey gives satisfaction to the leadership; so Daryl Morey is in no hurry to take matters into his own hands. But as the trade deadline approaches; the deals could flow in and things settle down.

In fact; all the teams that have announced a rebuild could agree to set up an XXL trade. For example; the Kings and Pacers are clearly at the end of a cycle; and a workforce revamp wouldn’t necessarily hurt. As for the Pelicans; they are among the biggest disappointments of the season; which could spell the end of the Brandon Ingram affair. Here is an exchange with these 4 franchises; which could totally revive the workforce in question.

Ben Simmons on the Pacers; Brandon Ingram on Philly

Pacemakers receive: Ben Simmons; Shake Milton and Jahmi’us Ramsey

Pelicans receive: De’Aaron Fox and Justin Holiday

The Sixers receive: Brandon Ingram and Naji Marshall

The kings receive: Domantas Sabonis and Caris LeVert

This is a trade that could satisfy any team involved; starting with the Sixers. If he has disappointed since his All-Star selection in 2020; Brandon Ingram could thrive on a roster as complete as Philadelphia’s. In a second-choice role from behind Joel Embid; he could play his game without the slightest pressure and above all free Tobias Harris from the heavy role of lieutenant. When the Pelicans would finally get back a leader capable of enduring zion williamson in the person of De’Aaron Fox.

As for the Kings; they would now have a highly talented interior; helping Tyrese Haliburton in their development; and Caris LeVert bringing her offensive talent; which is sorely lacking in Northern California. As for the Pacers; they would bring back a determined and vengeful All-Star point guard after his tense ending with the Sixers. Only one or two draft picks would be missing to complete his package.

Such a massive trade won’t be easy to pull off in real life; but Sixers executives will have to rack their brains to find a place for the point guard in the game. Following weeks. The candidates are numerous; the talent is present; you better take advantage of it.

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