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Barkley drops hilarious advice for Zion; hysterical Shaq

Barkley drops hilarious advice for Zion; hysterical Shaq

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Charles Barkley is a real-life hacker; and he regularly gets featured with some pretty weird jokes on TVs. Just listen to his recent advice for Zion Williamson to have the proof…enough to make Shaquille O’Neal laugh out loud!

It is a fact for a few days; we can assume that we will not see zion williamson in 2021-22. The inside still suffers so much from the foot; and now he continues his rehabilitation away from his teammates on the Pelicans. His latest press release was not enough to reassure; being the health of man a problematic case. However; injuries are only the symptom of the problem…

In fact; the real concern in the ex Dukie’s case is his weight concerns. The rumors about his physique since this summer are simply amazing. We are talking about 150 kilos on the scale ! In these conditions; it is not surprising that he is so prone to bodily problems; since his joints are especially affected. To the chagrin of New Orleans…

Charles Barkley: “If it tastes good; spit it out!” »

But suddenly; what to do to fix it in the swamp? No one really seems to know; when however; Monstar’s sweet sin is clearly identified. Therefore; Charles Barkley suggests taking no chances. in the sets of TNT; the Hall of Famer; who also experienced weight issues early in his career; weighed in on the matter: Williamson should give up anything that might please him.

I feed Zion the same diet I followed: if it tastes good; spit it out right away!

Note the almost hysterical reaction of Shaquille O’Neal; colleague of the Chuckster on television and who literally died of laughter after its premiere. It must be said that; as usual; the former strong winger went there in cash and without a filter! In reality; however; it was not quite strong: an extremely strict diet could help the young man a lot; even if the risks of relapse are still there.

So hiring a culinary coach could be a good solution for the Pels who desperately need one to make it in the NBA (14-25; 13th in the West). For that; however; he would have to raise the bar. Already reminiscent of a worrying case from the 90s… It goes without saying that in Louisiana you have to pray not to attend a repeat encore.

However; in his gruff style; Charles Barkley offers a real train of thought on the Zion Williamson case. The concern is that NOLA has certainly thought about it already… 2022-23 could very well be a pivotal season for the former No. 1 pick in the draft.

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