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Without Stephen Curry vs. Wolves | NBA

Without Stephen Curry vs. Wolves |  NBA

Physical failures are multiplying everywhere in the NBA, and on the Warriors’ side, it is Draymond Green and Stephen Curry who are affected. The former has been in the sick bay for several games because of his calf, while the latter injured his right hand against the Bulls. Even if he wanted to be reassuring after the meeting, the medical staff announced thatI would not play tonight against Wolves.

“As for the hands, especially the right one, we are a bit worried. But the sensations quickly returned, the strength returned. It hurts, but it will be fine.” he said after the Warriors win.

Stephen Curry has already missed three games this season, and to start the match against the D’Angelo Russell-Anthony Edwards duo, Steve Kerr could team Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson for the first time, whose playing time will be a little more important. then a rest game.

Stephen CurryPercentagebounces
SeasonTeamMJminimumshooting3 pointsLFOffDefUntilP.S.Sourcein youbpConnecticutpoints
2010-11DOG743. 448.
2014-15 DOG803348.744.391.
2015-16 DOG793. 450.445.490.
2018-19DOG693. 447.243.791.
2020-21DOG633. 448.
Total8003. 447.443.

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