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Solid; the Raptors have bumbling Bucks | NBA

Solid; the Raptors have bumbling Bucks |  NBA

Just before the traditional “Martin Luther King Day;” the Raptors proved that they were perhaps one of the things that bothered the Bucks the most this season; as they beat them for the third time in three meetings (103-96).

And the defense of the Canadian franchise; although battered at the beginning of the game; made a strong impression; gaining intensity with the minutes and finally suffocating the reigning champions (including Giannis Antetokounmpo; author of 30 points; but at 6/17 shot ). Particularly clumsy reigning champions; caught in the throat at the racket and long saved by their many passages on the free throw line.

With this authoritative success; the Toronto players; and in particular the excellent Pascal Siakam (30 points; 10 rebounds; 10 assists); show that they are not to be taken lightly between now and the end of the season; because this team seems clearly armed to play killjoys in the East…


The flagrant clumsiness of Milwaukee. 26/77 shooting; including 12/39 from 3s. That is respectively 34% and 31% successful. Unprecedented for the reigning champions this season; who were suffocated by the Raptors; without ever managing to reverse the trend. However; they had a great start (19-4); but the Canadian defense then raised the tone and; with the exception of Grayson Allen; the failures began to happen for Giannis Antetokounmpo; Khris Middleton; Wesley Matthews; George Hill or even Donte DiVincenzo. An anything but feverish Saturday night for frozen Bucks.

Pascal Siakam’s boss fight. Author of the second triple-double of his career; the Cameroonian is undoubtedly playing the best basketball of his life and; tonight; he was not on the cutting edge against the defending champion. Omnipresent; the new Canadian “point-forward” cut through the Milwaukee defense; from distance (3/3 to 3 points) but also in the paint. If it was certainly a bit expensive (6 lost balls); the All-Star inside was the providential man of Toronto; standing out as a plus in the “money-time”; and despite the fouls; with baskets always more “clutch” to knock out the Bucks.


Toronto’s dominance on the racket. Between Pascal Siakam; Chris Boucher; Precious Achiuwa and other Justin Champagnie; the Raptors could count on a quality interior sector (44 points in the paint; against 24 up front). This has also especially hurt the Bucks; dominated on the rebound (51 to 41) and who left too many offensive rebounds to their evening rivals (16; for 20 points scored as a result). And these second chances made all the difference; during this skill-poor; long-balanced match.

Milwaukee Free Throw Direction. Terribly clumsy to shoot; the Bucks nonetheless had the credit of causing plenty of fouls and getting their points at the free throw line. Upon arrival; they thus end up at 32/35 in the exercise; a magnificent success rate of 91.4% (against 11/20 and 55%; on the contrary)! Missed in the game by OG Anunoby and the Canadian interiors; Giannis Antetokounmpo also took the opportunity to be perfect in this zone; with his 17/17 shooting. Pitches that clearly kept the defending champions in the game; not on a good night.

wesley matthews. Dirty afternoon for the Bucks back end; first hit in the collarbone before playing again; then never quite able to find his rhythm in the game; offensively (2/10 shooting; including 1/8 3-point shooting). Except; unlike a Khris Middleton for example; also very clumsy (3/12 shooting); Wes Matthews needs to convert his shots to have any real influence on offense; in addition to his usual defensive involvement. And; tonight; a few game-winning baskets from him could have changed everything for his team. Ditto for his replacement Donte DiVincenzo.


Milwaukee (27-18) : trip to Atlanta; at night from Monday to Tuesday (00:00).

Toronto (21-19) : trip to Miami; at night from Monday to Tuesday (01:30).

Dollars / 96shootingbounces
playersminimumshooting3 pointsLFTHEDTP.S.Sourcein youbpConnecticut+/-pointsevaluate
G. Antetokounmpo356/171/317/170664504two-93027
K Middleton373/122/68/90445one33two+1sixteen17
B. Portis3. 44/81/32347eleven030one3+1eleven19
w. matthews302/101/80/0twotwo4onetwotwo00+454
g hill273/92/50/00333twooneone0-788
P Connaughtontwenty1/31/32/203303000-956
A. Hood80/20/10/00oneone00000-30-one
D. Di Vincenzo171/51/40/0onetwo334one3one-eleven34
raptors / 103shootingbounces
playersminimumshooting3 pointsLFTHEDTP.S.Sourcein youbpConnecticut+/-pointsevaluate
P. Siakam4011/203/35/9two810105two60+73033
Y. Watanabe50/00/00/000000000-1000
F. VanVleet426/173/82/4033753two0+1017fifteen
C. Boucher366/122/51/2two57one3oneone3+15fifteen19
J. Champagnie311/51/20/06612oneone0twoone+133eleven
S. Mykhailiuk70/10/10/00oneone00000+400

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