The preseason starts on Sunday with some Lakers

You may have had the date in your mind for some time; or maybe you have suppressed the information entirely; but the NBA will make its semi-comeback Sunday night after a short two-month hiatus. The end of a long tunnel of more than a year due to the health crisis and the return to the so-called “normality” of the business; with a more usual schedule from October to June … we hope so. Anyway; it starts on Sunday; and it starts strong; very strong.

Sunday; 9:30 pm If you are an average French person or a housewife; nothing derogatory; these are the terms; you will probably be in front of TF1 to see Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis for the eighth time. We do not.

Not us; because on Sunday at 9:30 pm; near Los Angeles; these gentlemen LeBron James; Kevin Durant; Anthony Davis; James Harden; Russell Westbrook; Kyrie Irving (possibly); Carmelo Anthony; Blake Griffin; Dwight Howard; LaMarcus Aldridge (possibly); Rajon Rondo; Sekou Doumbouya and many others will be in uniform; on the Staples Center court; to unofficially open the NBA 2021-22 season. Officially because it’s still preseason; but I admit anyway that the aforementioned plateau doesn’t make you want to see Kad Merad’s performances again. A dream poster; perhaps the most beautiful that the NBA could offer us for an opening of the ball; before the start of the real hostilities on Tuesday; October 19 with Bucks – Nets and Lakers – Warriors to sustain us. For thirteen nights; in any case; you can enjoy the life-size warm-up of your franchise or your favorite franchise; the first steps of Cade Cunningham; Jalen Green or Evan Mobley among the majors; Russell Westbrook; Kemba Walker; Evan Fournier; Dennis Schroder; Kyle Lowry or DeMar DeRozan with their new franchise; and they already draw some hasty conclusions; we love these.

A little weird matches with stars playing the first quarter before going to the shower; with coaches returning the bench to their bench at the beginning of the money time; goals that mean absolutely nothing and only a slogan at the end: no injuries; please. For us; in any case; it will be an opportunity to go back to the bathroom; to set the alarm clocks back to the usual times; in short; to pick up the rhythm very slowly a little over two weeks before resuming. We are excited? No; we are EXCITED.

The preseason starts on Sunday with some Lakers

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You may have had the date in your mind for some time; or maybe you have suppressed the information entirely;…

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