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Serge Ibaka was able to let go of his frustration | NBA

Serge Ibaka was able to let go of his frustration |  NBA

An indispensable starter wherever he has played; Serge Ibaka has not seen much of -DNP– in his long and glorious career. But the Clippers insider had to stay glued to the bench for multiple games; including five in a row; in December 2021.

On Wednesday night; after the victory against Sacramento and a resounding game on his part with 17 points and 5 rebounds; Ibaka opened these last especially complicated weeks with his return to the competition; througha passage in the G-League especially.

“It has been a very strange month for me”; recognized by Illustrated Sports. -It helped me to be stronger. All he could do was go ahead and be ready. It’s the only thing I can still control. “

A long time in the infirmary last season; and again at the beginning of the year; due to his back injury; Ibaka was also put on the bench due to the good level of play displayed by Isaiah Hartenstein in the relief of Ivica Zubac; holder in Californian painting.

-Things change; you just have to try to adapt. Sometimes it can be more difficult when you are not used to these kinds of situations. It is so. I have to adapt; keep pushing and keep going. ”

Rester pro

Dropping to 4 points and 3 rebounds on average; the smallest stats of his career; including his rookie season at Oklahoma City (!); Ibaka hadn’t really calmed down since his return to business beginnings of November.

Obviously lacking in competitive rhythm after six months without playing a single game; mechanically rusty; even on “easy” shots near the circle; Ibaka had only managed one game this season above 10 points. He finally found the light last night; with 17 points on 7/9 on shooting; including 2/3 on 3s.

-I’ll be honest with you; it’s very frustrating. As a coach; you try to do your best to keep the team together and together; to play the best basketball possible. As a gamer; well; you want to play too! At the same time; it can be really frustrating. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop me from acting professionally. “

Sending himself into the G-League to find some rhythm; which he did with a 22-point; 14-rebound game in particular; Ibaka will now play hard at the internal competition between himself and Hartenstein. His experience and defensive qualities should speak for him if he regains all of his physical abilities.

In any case; don’t count on him to sow discord among the Clippers. The veteran inside has passed his age … -Even when I play in the G-League my checks always arrive. I am privileged. It is so. No matter the situation; I’ll keep working. I will continue to stay professional and be ready. It’s all I can control “

Sergio IbakaPercentageBounces
SeasonTeamMJMinTirs3 pointsLFOffDefUntilP.SFteIn tBpConnecticutPts
2009-10OK C731854.350.
2010-11OK C822754.
2011-12OK C662753.533.366.
2012-13OK C803157.335.
2013-14OK C813353.638.378.
2014-15OK C643347.637.683.
2015-16OK C783247.932.675.
2016-17 *All the teams793148.
2016-17 *Otorhinolaryngology563148.838.884.
2016-17 *HILL233145.939.888.

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