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The Rockets run out of gas | NBA

The Rockets run out of gas |  NBA

There have been several encounters that Stephen Silas laments the lack of energy of his troops. He had said it after the Wolves setback and did not change his speech after the new loss to the Sixers; since his players were outnumbered by a Joel Embiid in his 31.

But isn’t it normal when you play the second time in two days?

“We had no legs; no real energy”; says the coach in Houston Chronicle. -This is probably explained by the game the day before. Despite this back to back; you have to play. We often talk about the “novice wall” or others that; in any case; we are in the rough. “

The “rookie wall” is the feeling of fatigue that young players feel; in their first year; after a few months of competition; before a fierce pace to which they are not used.

So; would the young Rockets have heavy legs; those who have already spent half the season; with 42 games played? “I don’t believe in the ‘rookie wall'”; assures Jalen Green next to him. -You have to play; whether it is a good day or a bad day. We will have ups and downs. “

18 matches in a month

However; with such a young group; it would not be surprising if the bodies were so tired. After all; Jalen Green; Alperen Sengun; and Josh Christopher are in their first season when Kevin Porter Jr. has only played one light full season (50 appearances in 2019/2020; 25 next) so far; not to mention this is just the Jae’Sean Tate’s second year in the league. Finally; even a Christian Wood; 26 years old and in the League since 2015; has only one year with more than 42 games played; in 2019/20; on his legs …

Plus; in the past month; no team has spent more time on the court than the Rockets. Between December 10 and January 10 they played 18 times!

“It was one hell of a tunnel”; relates Stephen Silas. -We did six in a row in 30 days. We are exhausted. As I said; a few games ago; the concern is not the lack of effort; but the lack of energy. This was again the case against the Sixers. We tried; I think; but we don’t have enough energy. “

Houston players will still have to wait to recover a bit as they will leave on a “road trip” between Wednesday 12 and January 21; five road games in nine days. Only then; with the return to Texas and a less demanding end of January; will Texans finally be able to breathe.

playersMJminimumshooting3 pointsLFOffDefUntilP.S.bpIn tConnecticutFtepoints
christian wood3830.647.834.560.
Jalen Green2630.239.832.
eric gordon3529.148.943.673.
Jae’sean Tate3927.349.429.869.
Kevin Porter Jr.2529.836.133.360.
Garrison Mathews2428.842.437.581.
Alperen sengun3518.450.030.870.
Daniel Teis2323.546.426.869.
kj martin3818.852.331.364.
harmoni streams3318.236.731.788.
Jose Cristobal3315.846.233.881.
david nwaba3214.447.528.668.
Dj agustin3015.041.240.588.
Danuel Housesixteen14.533.829.489.
queen trevelin88.644.836.4100.
Daishen Nix78.966.742.950.
usman garuba147.234.816.750.

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