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Warriors send a message by winning Utah | NBA

Warriors send a message by winning Utah |  NBA

Without Draymond Green; the Warriors won 123-116 on the Jazz floor; and this is the first loss in seven games for teammates Rudy Gobert (20 points; 19 rebounds). In front of their heated crowd; Utah thought they had made it tougher in the third quarter; erasing a 16-point deficit. With Bojan Bogdanovic and Royce O’Neale attacking from afar; the Jazz went 19-5 to take control of the game (79-74) and record 41 points in the only 3rd quarter.

Mike Conley brings home the point early in the fourth quarter; and the gap flirts with 10 points. But the Warriors ocean liners reboot the machine with an astonishing Andre Iguodala and Otto Porter Jr on a cloud. Stephen Curry plays again; and it is he; with 3 points; who ties (101-101). Golden State is playing perfectly and is 7 of 7 shooting to take control with eight straight points from Andrew Wiggins (111-106).

The Jazz hold with Bogdanovic; but Curry; again; places two new 3 points in a row; and it is Iguodala; also 3 points ahead of the big arms of Gobert; who hits the Jazz 40 seconds from the end (119-112). Gobert can chain the dunks; Curry ensures the victory of the Warriors in free throws (123-116).


Alternate poole. Steve Kerr is clearly preparing the return of Klay Thompson; present on the bench; as Jordan Poole was a substitute for the first time this season. Gary Payton II started behind; and was decisive with his defense over Donovan Mitchell. As for Poole; he struggled to get into the game; but he’s returning to the Warriors early in the fourth quarter.

The jazz box. Like the Raptors in 2019; Utah had decided to bring Stephen Curry into a club; with Royce O’Neale glued to his Basques; and with four other players in the zone. The Warriors point guard did not force; and his off-the-ball play was remarkable. He would often hide in the corner to allow his companions room. Then he waited for the second trimester to find gaps. And it is he; in the 4th quarter; who hurts a lot with his bombs from afar.

Utah fighting at home. This is Quin Snyder’s seventh loss in the players’ lounge. The best team outside of their conference with just three losses; Jazz is not sovereign on their court; and it will probably cost them 1st place in the conference.

The Warriors collective. No Green; the best passer; and yet Stephen Curry’s teammates provide 39 assists. This is their record of the season and the second mark of all the teams.


✅ Andre Iguodala. It sows the triple that buries the hopes of Jazz; and especially its influence in the game is growing. The MVP of the 2015 Finals is anything but a prior retirement and; in the absence of Draymond Green; has acted as head of defense. He’s also the one who revives the Warriors at the start of the 4th quarter; and the backups trust him by their side.

✅ Stephen Curry. He let the game get to him; and as soon as his bodyguard Royce O’Neale rested; he hit. His return to the game in the 4th quarter was decisive; and Joe Ingles picked up steam. Snyder realized that he couldn’t give Conley and O’Neale rest; but the damage had already been done.

✅ Otto Porter Jr. What a start to the game! Starting in place of Draymond Green in this all-around strong winger role; the former Wizards winger achieves an exceptional first quarter. It was all over the place and it really thrived in the Golden State systems. In the last quarter; he hurts with his “signature move”; this “pull up jumper” to his left at 4-5 meters.

✅ Rudy Gobert. The Frenchman is not far from the best player in the game as he caused trouble for the Warriors; and he is the only Jazz player to finish with a positive +/-. He is missing the double “double-double” for a rebound; and his dominance of the pick-and-roll raised major concerns for the Golden State defense. Hassan Whiteside absent; had to watch his fouls; but he really has nothing to be ashamed of.

⛔ Donovan Mitchell. He was eager to challenge the Warriors; and he screwed up … An ugly 4 of 19 on shots that Gobert’s offensive rebounds didn’t save. You can’t really say that he forced it; and it’s just that he wasn’t having a good night; and he had the credit of trying to run the store by playing for Gobert and Bogdanovic.


Utah (26-10). Travel to New Orleans on Monday night.

Golden State (28-7). New test with the reception of the Heat on Monday.

Jazz / 116TirsBounces
PlayersMinTirs3 pointsLFTHEDTP.SFteIn tBpConnecticut+/-PtsEval
R. O’Neale365/72/43/4twotwo4two30one0-onefifteen17
B. Bogdanovic357/144/102/2one56one0onetwo0-6twenty19
R. Gobert359/100/02/471219two40two0+10twenty36
M. Conley284/132/62/4two353oneone300127
D. Mitchell3619/42/910/11one5694twotwo0-twotwenty19
R. Gaytwenty2/80/23/3one0one03two00-1974
J. Clarkson248/144/70/0one340two030-eleventwentyfifteen
J. English261/70/60/0000two4one00-6two-one
Total40/9214/4422/28fifteen30Four. Five19twenty-one7130116
Warriors / 123TirsBounces
PlayersMinTirs3 pointsLFTHEDTP.SFteIn tBpConnecticut+/-PtsEval
O. Porter Jr.3614/92/40/0two5780300+6twenty33
A. Wiggins3819/94/63/70004onetwo30+42514
K. Looney314/70/00/0two5766oneone0-5818
G. Payton II285/102/50/1one34onetwotwo00-two1213
N. Bjelica121/10/02/20440one030+545
J. Kuminga61/20/00/00oneone04one00+2two3
A. Iguodala245/7230/0two578one000+121225
J. Toscano-Anderson121/20/00/00twotwoone3oneoneone+1two5
J. Poole173/61/23/40twotwotwo3040+8106

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