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“The competition is going to be in jeopardy when I get back”

“The competition is going to be in jeopardy when I get back”

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Very close to returning to the courts; Klay Thompson is eagerly awaited by his teammates. They believe in him a lot; one of them explains in particular that the league better be careful! However; a good comeback from Killa Klay would be bad news for the player in question.

Two and a half years that we have not seen Klay Thompson step on the Major League courts; who successively suffered a torn cruciate ligament and then the Achilles tendon. A real heartbreak for the player and Golden State fans; which however will soon come to an end. The rear is still approaching the return to competition; now participating regularly in their own training sessions.

However; the latter are very excited about seeing him play again; and Steph Curry had the great pleasure of getting the publicity out about him.. Another member of the Warriors happy to see him again; Andrew Wiggins. The Canadian praised his teammate at a press conference; issuing a huge warning to the entire NBA in passing! This is what is advertised:

Andrew Wiggins excited for the return of Klay Thompson

It’s amazing to see what it does. The impact he has when he’s on the pitch is insane. I can’t wait to play with him; I can’t wait for him to come back. The league is going to be in trouble once he comes back; trust me; the competition will be in jeopardy.

A nice outing; but one that may surprise coming from Maple Jordan …

In fact; if there is anyone who can feel threatened by the number 11; it is him. In the absence of Killa Klay; Wiggins seized the opportunity to move up Dubs’ offensive hierarchy. Behind Stephen CurryIt is he who makes the most shots on average (14.5 per game); something he does quite well with 19 points at 48.7% shooting; including more than 43% behind the arc. An incredible progression; when it had never been considered a long-term threat.

However; all of that will change once Thompson returns; and we will have to review the rotations in the Bay. Will Wiggins keep it yet? The truth is that your number of inning shots will drop over the weeks; and you will have to show that you can maintain the same efficiency. If he’s successful; then he might as well be his team’s top X-factor once in the playoffs. It is up to him to show that he is capable of doing it.

Andrew Wiggins is happy that Klay Thompson is returning; as is the rest of the Warriors cast. It remains to be seen whether he himself will not suffer too much; and to check his opinion on the matter …

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