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Stephen Curry down | NBA

Stephen Curry down |  NBA

It is a paradox that history may not remember for a few years or decades. In less than three weeks; between December 14; 2021 and January 1; Stephen Curry marked the spirits with three highlights.

The first won his career record for 3-point shooting; then hit the bar 3;000 awarded baskets; before finally succeeding in 158th game in a row with a basket behind the goal; again a record. In a few days; the 2015 and 2016 MVP thus consolidated his place at the top of the hierarchy of the best shooters in history.

Except; and this is the whole paradox; Stephen Curry is currently going through a period of crisis. The worst of his own career. In fact; in the last 15 games; he shows only a 35% success rate at 3 points. For him; who has turned 43% on average since his arrival in the NBA; it is low …

“I have never known a worse series; of more than 10 or 15 games”; ensures Atlético. “He missed some meetings; but I’m not worried”; says Draymond Green for the San Francisco Chronicle. -He’s probably going to do a 10/14 soon. Everything is going well. “

Klay Thompson’s return to revive?

You could imagine that at first he was too obsessed with the prospect of the Ray Allen record; and got frustrated by it. But it’s been three weeks since the disk is yours and the machine is still stuck. How to explain this empty passage?

“The rival puts his best defender; and takes two”; analyzes Steve Kerr. -The defenses push him to drop the ball; that’s obvious. As Klay Thompson will return; he will deliver easy shots. But it will take a while because Curry has been playing without him for more than two years. “

We’re not the best shooter ever; so the Golden State playmaker has no plans to change the way he acts despite this disruption. “I continue with my program”; announces after shooting 5/24 against the Mavericks Wednesday night; with a disgusting 1/9 on 3 points.

The three-time champion could even get some rest; not playing Thursday night against the Pelicans. “Most likely; yes”; confirms the Warriors coach; still in the San Francisco Chronicle. -He has a small injury to his left quadriceps. It usually gets worse with travel; so you could miss the meeting. “

Better to come back on Sunday; against Cleveland; at the same time as son «Splash Brother» ?

Stephen CurryPercentageBounces
SeasonTeamMJMinTirs3 pointsLFOffDefUntilP.SFteIn tBpConnecticutPts
2010-11DOG743. 448.
2014-15 DOG803348.744.391.
2015-16 DOG793. 450.445.490.
2018-19DOG693. 447.243.791.
2020-21DOG633. 448.
2021-22DOG3. 43542.839.392.
Total7963. 447.443.

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