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What must the Pistons do to get back on top?

“What should they do? It is the question that We Sport will ask. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the GM of the teams with the worst records in the league; we will try to give some routes that these franchises can take in the short and long term. Today; course to one of the deepest rebuilds in the league with the Pistons.

If Blake Griffin is still there; it is no longer the case with Andre Drummond (whose case is causing a stir right now) or Reggie Jackson who is now looking for his ring in Los Angeles. This summer; many players have also left ship to join. franchises with greater ambitions than the first option in the 2021 draft. It is therefore with a staff in full reconstruction that Troy Weaver; the brand new GM; must compose.

What central room (s) for reconstruction?

Drafted sixth this fall; Killian Hayes necessarily appears to be part of the Pistons’ project; especially since he is the first player to be recruited by the franchise’s new leadership. Derrick Rose already far from Michigan; the young Frenchman should take the keys to the lead upon his return from injury. Rather compelling since joining the league; Sadiq Bay should also be among the pieces the franchise will rely on going forward. However; I’m not sure the young winger has the level of an NBA starter in the long run. Relatively short in the draft; Isaiah Stewart could take advantage of Griffin’s likely trade to gain some extra strength and show his talent in the NBA.

While he provides a nice statistical contribution; Jerami Grant doesn’t really seem like the type of player we can build an ambitious franchise on in the long run. Therefore; the question about his future could arise from next season; especially since his contract is still reasonable (around 20 million per season). Mason Plumlee for his part seems more the type of player to sign in the long term due to his particular profile and his contribution to the groups.

We can also doubt the respective futures of Denis Smith Jr; newcomer from the Knicks; the sniper Svi Mykhailiuk or even Sekou Doumbouya who has a hard time expressing the potential he showed Beaublanc.

For now; the priority of the franchise must therefore be to test its young people and see which ones have a future in the NBA and may have their place in the reconstruction that is coming.

What future Dwayne Casey?

If Dwayne Casey is known for giving young players a chance; the arrival of Troy Weaver seems to put his future in doubt. In fact; as is almost always the case; one might imagine that Weaver wants to work with “his” coach and not with a coach chosen by the old Detroit leadership. Beyond this consideration; it remains to be seen if Weaver finds a way to manage Casey consistent with his project. While his ability to develop young people may well allow him to keep his job; it seems unlikely that Weaver will continue with a coach he hasn’t actually chosen.

How do you handle the Blake Griffin case?

This is surely the biggest problem with Troy Weaver (whose name might make a lot of sense). To this day Blake Griffin still has a full year on his contract and the end of this season. Your salary next year? More than $ 38 million. In the current context; it seems very difficult for the franchise to get rid of such a contract. Option number one could be; no pun intended; to eliminate Blake Griffin. However; this option seems; for the moment; ruled out by the Pistons who have no interest in leaving such an expensive player on their roster without the slightest consideration. Griffin’s situation; therefore; appears to be a thorn that the franchise will have a hard time removing before the former All Star’s contract ends.

As you may have understood; the time has come for patience in Michigan. Right now; there would be no interest from the franchise in mounting a transfer to sign a great star. So we are headed; in all likelihood; towards a project based on rebuilding OKC’s Thunder. To stay on the Oklahoma theme; the Pistons’ most interesting moment of the season could well (aside from a possible Griffin trade) be the lottery in which a pleasant surprise called “First Pick” (or Cade Cunningham) might as well. change in the future. of the franchise.

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