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Successful first of Sean Sweeney in front of the Mavs | NBA

Successful first of Sean Sweeney in front of the Mavs |  NBA

Also for attendees; the health situation offers unprecedented opportunities to come to light. As we saw with Popeye Jones in Denver or Darwin Ham in Milwaukee; the first victories of these one night coaches are usually celebrated with a good shower in the locker room.

Named interim coach since Jason Kidd went into isolation Thursday night; Sean Sweeney was no exception to the rule in his first game in charge of the Mavs; winning 130 – 106 on the Houston floor despite a losing group. for the absences of Luka Doncic. and Kristaps Porzingis in particular.

-We did a great job in the execution and in our way of playing collectively in attack. Coach Kidd has insisted on this since the beginning of the season and we have started to apply it for some time; these last 10-15 games “said the afternoon shower. -We shared the ball well with 34 assists; and no one on the team made more than eleven shots. The players played together; in the right way.

A defensive attack coach

Sean Sweeney is typically Jason Kidd’s staff defensive coordinator; a role he previously held during the former playmaker’s move to Milwaukee.

But in this game it was his attack that Dallas stood out; putting up 43 points in the first quarter to take the lead; which then allowed Sean Sweeney to successfully open his bench and get everyone involved (10 players with 7 points and more).

“The boys understand well what we are doing”he added modestly; noting the general mood of the team in this unprecedented situation. -It starts with our efforts and our energy. The guys did a great job helping each other defensively and communicating to the staff what they saw so we could adjust along the way. “

The Mavs are now five straight ahead of receiving Eastern Conference leading Chicago this Sunday.

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Luka doncic2434.844.331.871.
Kristaps Porzingis2630.445.
jalen brunson3830.849.333.377.
Tim Hardaway Jr.3330.739.333.674.
dorian finney-smith3832.
brandon caballero318.245.030.8100.00.023232.
Trey burke1913.643.032.794.
Maxi kléber2424.541.334.973.
Dwight Powell3920.260.542.970.
reggie bullock3224.537.731.876.
marquise chriss912.358.144.462.
Isaiah Thomasone13.337.
Frank Ntilikina2915.037.434.7100.
Boban marjanovicsixteen6.062.533.350.
sterling brown3115.241.735.690.
jose green2411.353.828.675.
Brown Moses236.958.
According to Pinson109.329.625.0100.
Willie cauleystein189.845.750.
Eugene Omoruyi44.540.
Charlie brown35.
carlik jones36.40.00.0100.
George king44.
jaquori mclaughlin42.

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