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New York brutally brings Dallas back to earth | NBA

New York brutally brings Dallas back to earth |  NBA

The Knicks are better and their victory tonight; achieved in a way against the Mavericks; can testify to it (108-85). Especially because it allows them to find a balanced balance.

Now victorious in seven of their last ten games; the New York franchise had no trouble dominating this Mavs team; which nonetheless held onto six straight wins.

It must be said that the New York team (all starters with 10 points or more); led by a super RJ Barrett (32 points); did not give Dallas the slightest chance; dominated from start to finish and too clumsy from start to finish. . away to hope for something better. Like a cartoonish Luka Doncic of himself (21 points; 11 rebounds and 5 assists; but with 5 turnovers and 8/23 shots; including 1/9 triple).


Perfect night for New York. Well pitched by Evan Fournier and Mitchell Robinson; who then passed the baton to Alec Burks; RJ Barrett and Julius Randle; the Knicks rolled out their basketball today. Never worried; and in the lead from start to finish; the New York players delighted the Garden; which has not seen its team lose in its midst for three weeks. Once is not customary; it is even the New York starters who get the franchise; while Randle feeds on the energy of the public; instilled by Barrett and Robinson; to revive. We told you: all the lights were green; in the “Big Apple”.

Dallas never in the game. End of series for the Mavericks; unable to challenge New York’s dominance for a single moment. Despite having offered a less effective defense at the beginning of the game; the Texan players collapsed mostly on the offensive level; lining up the failures on easy shots. This had the merit of killing his confidence very quickly. A game without; simply; as sometimes happens in a season; and where everything is to be thrown overboard. Even on the side of Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson; usually above reproach for the Mavs. Therefore; its bounce is expected on Friday night.


rj barrett. In 2022; the Canadian continues to shine at Madison Square Garden and his audience returns it. On several occasions; New York fans have been heard chanting “RJ BAR-RETT!” -; in order to show him all his love. Because; the more days go by; the more the (only) 21-year-old defender imposes himself as the Knicks’ attacking leader; since he has just triumphed in his third start of the year with more than 30 points. Full of confidence; the third pick in the 2019 Draft is formidable from far and near; and it’s all of New York that benefits from his solid performances (five wins in five games; when he scores 30-plus points).

mitchell robinson. In a double-double (19 points; 10 rebounds); the Knicks center won the racket. Last night; his intensity on both sides of the pitch; at the beginning of each half; did a world of good to his team; which obviously did not stop raining balls on him. And; if his replacement Nerlens Noel was also valuable; for his return to the competition; Mitchell Robinson is the one who stood out the most; against this inner sector of Dallas orphaned by Kristaps Porzingis and clearly not up to the task.

Quentin Grimes. Between his great defensive activity on Luka Doncic; his sense of sacrifice on both ends of the court and his 3/6 triples on offense; the Knicks rookie brought back solid and interesting minutes today. Proving that he well deserved his place in Tom Thibodeau’s rotation.

⛔️ Dallas 3 Point Address. Illustrated by Luka Doncic’s 1/9 and Tim Hardaway Jr’s 1/7; the Mavericks’ miss behind the arc (8/37) weighed them down considerably. The Texan shooters had good shooting positions tonight; but they never really knew how to convert them. Both in the first and in the second part. The more time passed; the more failures followed and the gap widened. That he inevitably had a knack for pushing Doncic; Hardaway Jr. and others to throw more to pick up; with no more success. An afternoon without; neither more nor less.


New York (21-21) : trip to Atlanta; in the night from Saturday to Sunday (01:30).

Dallas (22-19) : trip to Memphis; in the night from Friday to Saturday (04:00).

knicks / 108shootingbounces
playersminimumshooting3 pointsLFTHEDTP.S.sourcein youbpConnecticut+/-pointsevaluate
J Randle376/171/34/6oneeleven128two050+291719
A. Burks352/9234/4one7863two00+261019
R. Barrett4113/224/72/2077twoone0two0+223230
J Simsone0/20/00/0one0one0one000-one0-one
O. Toppineleven1/30/00/000000000-6two0
K.Knox IIone0/10/10/0one0one00000-one00
M. McBrideone0/00/00/0000one0000-one0one
P Grimes193/63/60/00twotwoone3000099
Mavericks / 85shootingbounces
playersminimumshooting3 pointsLFTHEDTP.S.sourcein youbpConnecticut+/-pointsevaluate
D. Finney-Smith3. 42/80/43/403303oneone0-2973
D Powell172/20/00/1oneonetwo0two0twoone-twenty44
J. Brunson376/121/31/1one676one0one0-1914twenty
T.Hardaway Jr.295/111/72/20oneone34one00-41312
brown s.6230/11/10330one000-one57
m. Chris72/21/11/2000oneone0one0+265
F. Ntilikinaone1/10/00/00oneone00000+1two3
j greeneleven0/00/01/20twotwo0oneone00-3one3
Total32/788/3713/1953. 439sixteen18512two85

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