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Luka Doncic ambushes again; this season’s embarrassing stat

Luka Doncic is no longer talked about this season; except for some attitudes. arrogant on the floor. It must be said that he is not necessarily as fine-tuned as in previous years; try this somewhat embarrassing stat for a player of his level.

What if the hype Luka Doncić running out of steam? In each of his first three NBA seasons; the Mavericks point guard was impressive with monster stats; memorable actions and; not surprisingly; making all the headlines. It must be said that he broke more than one record of precocity and that he quickly knew how to lead his team to the playoffs.

In fact; in his second year at Texas; some observers made him the heavy favorite for the MVP title! A pressure perhaps too strong for the shoulders that are not yet quite ready for the Slovenian; who is currently having his least successful season on a personal level. Not only does he no longer score as much (24.7 points on average compared to 27.7 last year); but his attitude leaves much to be desired; with a barely hidden arrogance at times

Luka Doncic among the worst shooters in the league with Westbrook!

And that arrogance hides perhaps a part of doubt in the Dallas prodigy. This Monday against the Thunder; in a 104-102 starter victory; Luka Doncic once again topped the management level with a small 4/17; or 23% success rate. Furthermore; a humiliating statistic shows that this lack of direction is far from new. In fact; he’s simply one of the worst shooters in the league.

Of the 153 players who have taken more than 100 long shots this season; Luka Doncic is ranked 149th; tied with russell westbrook; at the management level; with a low 28.9% accuracy rate! And when we see the criticism that the leader of the Lakers receives; that of the Mavericks can be considered lucky since the reproaches are scarce.

Proof of this chronic clumsiness; he went 0/6 during Monday’s game against Oklahoma City! Fortunately; he brings many other things to his team; as he still managed the 41st triple-double of his career thanks to his 20 points; 12 assists and 11 rebounds. In fact; if he didn’t take so many shots from behind the arc; he’d be flawless.

Luka Doncic is far from skilled behind the arc; but that’s part of his game obviously; although he has an embarrassing percentage; he never stops shooting; which opens up the pitch for him and allows him to shine in other areas.

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