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Beautiful people at the Nowitzki tribute ceremony!

C ‘It was a very special night for the Dallas team as the franchise retired the legendary Dirk Nowitzki jersey. The former German international has also had the right to distinguished visitors; who wanted to be present for the occasion. This is to say the state of Wunderkind!

In addition to easily beating the Warriors (99-82); the Mavs celebrated a great event: the retirement of No. 41 by Dirk Nowitzki. The greatest player in franchise history; the German interior earned the greatest honors in Texas. Being also a highly respected and appreciated character in the major leagues; he had the right to the presence of many illustrious actors from the major leagues. Including one Tony Parker!

Parker; Adam Silver and Ian Mahnimi present in the Nowitzki t-shirt collection

NBA Nowitzki and Ian Mahinmi
NBA / Youtube

NBA Dallas champion team 2011
NBA / Youtube

TP; but also Adam Silver had gone to the American Airlines Center to greet Dirkules; as well as his teammates at the coronation against Miami; during the 2010-11 season. We also got to see Ian Mahinmi; JJ Barea; Tyson Chandler and of course Jason Kidd; the team’s current coach. And since we’re talking about the Mavs this year; Luka Doncic (26 points against the Dubs) also took the time to pose with the retiree. This is called a luxury treatment; for a true legend of the game.

After 21 seasons; more than 30;000 career points and an absolutely magnificent title; all under the Dallas colors; Dirk Nowitzki well deserved such a vibrant tribute. The many stars present reflect the league’s respect for No. 41!

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