Phoenix Suns: Towards a 14th win against Cleveland?

Phoenix travels to Cleveland for 14th consecutive win

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In an extraordinary 13-game winning streak; the Suns have no intention of stopping there and will want to win against Cleveland to hope to break the franchise record; which is 17 successes in a row. The Cavaliers are in a reverse dynamic and remain in 4 consecutive losses; with only 5 victories in the last 5 meetings. Descended to 10th place; the Cleveland team will have this game to revive in front of their audience. Watch this NBA game tonight at 1:00 a.m. M.

Cleveland Cavaliers: news and form

After a rather uneven start to the season; with 6 wins in 10 games; the Cavaliers have dropped some ballast and remain at 5 losses in their last 8 games; which can also be attributed to a complicated schedule: Cleveland faced like this against the Warriors and the Nets twice in the last 3 meetings and logically bowed to the conference leaders. Phoenix is ​​not an easy opponent; however; especially on the offensive side; but Cleveland is the fifth-largest defender in the league; with 102.6 points; and therefore will try to slow down the Suns’ offense.

Phoenix Suns: actuality and form

Phoenix is ​​currently in the water and made up for its fairly average start to the season; with 3 losses in 4 games; with its still ongoing 13-game winning streak. Now second in the Eastern Conference and with the second-best record in the league; the Suns won’t want to stop there and will want to put pressure on the Warriors; who take on Philadelphia tonight. The fourth-best offense in the NBA; averaging 111.8 points per game; Phoenix is ​​also the league’s ninth defender; conceding 104.8 points per game; and will want to take advantage of the Cavaliers’ lack of offensive efficiency.

Phoenix is ​​the favorite in this match and logically they should win this match against a Cleveland team in very poor dynamics recently. Carried away by an attack in great shape and efficient defense; the Suns seem too strong for the Cavaliers.

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Cleveland has been in trouble offensively since the beginning of the season and may have real difficulty breaking down the Suns defense. The Suns shouldn’t go into detail and will probably find some defensive loopholes for the Cavaliers. Staying in 3 games with a total points greater than 215; Phoenix will want to continue through this encounter and therefore a wide score would be logical.

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