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Did Rajon Rondo just tackle Russell Westbrook?

Did Rajon Rondo just tackle Russell Westbrook?

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Reunited in the Lakers’ backcourt at the start of the season; Rajon Rondo and Russell Westbrook had to quickly part ways after the veteran leader’s trade. A few days later; the latter issued a controversial statement; which could point directly to Brodie!

Even if only on paper; his association was quick to ask questions. Both recruited by the Lakers last summer; russell westbrook and Rajon Rondo then presented a rather heavy responsibility. Over the course of their many matchups in previous seasons; a dispute did indeed seem to arise between them. Regardless; the issue had been quickly closed by the two-time NBA champion. before opening night.

We have to believe that Rondo was telling the truth; as no dispute between the two leaders in front of the cameras; nor was it the subject of rumors during the first weeks of competition. However; they may not have had to get used to living together for long; as the Double R recently paid for their poor performance on the courts. Traded in Cleveland a few days ago; so he said goodbye to Brodie and Los Angeles.

Rondo concealed tackle for Westbrook?

Since arriving in Cleveland; Rondo has found color; in a pack leader role worthy of the one attributed to Ricky Rubio before his injury. In two games played with his new team; he has converted 13 points; 4 rebounds; 4 assists and up to 45.5% on 3 points! What to show off confidence; and to be delighted to have landed in Ohio; where it already seems to find its marks within the JB Bickerstaff group.

It is a great feeling to play the sport I love; to be on the court with teammates who give their all and who want to win by playing hard.

A priori; nothing very intriguing in this outing. Rondo is simply happy to find playing time in a team with very satisfactory results (22-18); and together with young players eager to learn.

But for some; those few words would actually constitute a subtle attack … in the direction of Westbrook! As a reminder; a few weeks ago; the 2017 MVP provoked a big controversy with an unexpected statement; claiming that he gave little importance to obtaining the title. It didn’t take more for a reconciliation to be made and suspicions of beef between the two men were reborn!

So simple extrapolation of a few observers in search of drama; or real missile sent by Rajon Rondo to Russell Westbrook? All the elements are there; it is up to you to make your own decision!

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