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The Bulls losing Derrick Jones Jr. | NBA

The Bulls losing Derrick Jones Jr. |  NBA

Already deprived of Patrick Williams; probably for the entire season; and Jevonte Green for a few days; the Bulls have learned they will be deprived of Derrick Jones Jr for several weeks.

The Bulls’ dive avoids the worst since the ligaments are not affected; but the staff announced that he would be out for four to six weeks to treat his right knee. Which means he could be out until the All-Star Game.

Holder; Jones Jr. leaves a gap at a No. 4; and on Wednesday; Billy Donovan fiddled around a lot; and his Bulls were largely dominated by the Nets; whose inside sector; however; is not the strong point.

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Demar Derozan3634.849.
Zach Lavin3734.849.
Nikola Vučević3233.142.933.569.
lonzo ball3. 435.042.342.474.
Coby Whitetwenty-one24.846.138.878.
Alex Caruso2628.044.836.483.
patrick williams524.956.550.0100.
Come on Dosunmu3519.553.342.461.
derrick jones3117.258.240.584.
Javonte Green2922.249.636.480.
alfonzo mackinnie814.742.
tyler cook910.465.
Troy Brown Jr.2814.743.
Tony Bradley2712.558.
matthew thomassixteen9.537.337.570.
Devon Dotson107.852.628.662.
Mac McClungone2.5100.
Alize Johnsonsixteen7.552.
Marko Simonović73.611.
jordan bellone2.

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