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LaMelo Ball; a “game winner” calling others | NBA

LaMelo Ball; a “game winner” calling others |  NBA

On Saturday night; James Borrego was delighted with the cold blood shown by his players; by kill those dollars who imagined themselves successful to hold in money-time. And; two days later; the young Hornets still dominated the defending champions; managing as adults the last minutes of the game.

Charlotte’s second win in two games against Milwaukee saw LaMelo Ball (the team’s second-youngest player) record the first game-winner of his career; with 15 seconds left. From a small complicated corridor; and in a bell; to avoid the counter of his defender.

« When I was young I always played against older players. »; recalled the 20-year-old point guard. « They were all bigger so I couldn’t really shoot and I always tried those little ‘floats’. So I mastered them. Then I took these ‘floats’ all my life; anywhere on the floor. The; [face aux Bucks]; I felt that it was a good shot and I took it. »

A unanimous acclaimed “game winner”

In a press conference; James Borrego obviously could only show his admiration for LaMelo Ball; whose maturity on the pitch continues to impress match after match.

« It was an extremely complicated shoot; but he makes it look so easy… -Said the franchise coach; now 7th in the East (22 wins – 19 losses). ” He has this ability to play at 100 an hour; lose his balance but still regain his balance when he gets up to shoot. It’s a tough opportunity for a player with 15 years of experience; so imagine for someone who is only in his second year… »

As for Wesley Matthews; banked into action and present in the front row to take this “game winner” on the nose; he too could only congratulate his direct opponent; after the fact.

« It was a sacred action; a sacred ‘move’ -; recognized the rear of the Bucks; helpless. ” He’s damn talented. Makes difficult shots easy. A one-legged ‘runner’; who starts on the right and ends on the left… Sometimes you just have to know how to take your hat off. It was a great action; achieved by a great player. You have to give them credit. »

Terry Rozier steps aside to let it grow

Pleased with the direction the Hornets are currently taking; Terry Rozier didn’t hesitate to let his young teammate take matters into his own hands; even though he was the team’s usual “go-to guy” in money time. . Proof of the good atmosphere that reigns in the locker room.

« I’m pretty sure his confidence is through the roof no matter what kind of match he had before shooting. confided -Scary Terry–; who therefore has no problem leaving the light to another person; for the good of the group. ” We are happy with him and we will continue to trust him at the end of the game; putting the ball in his hands. […] We can both carry the ball; we can both create things at the end of the game. But I believe in him; I trust him. He is a creator; he can do whatever he wants with the ball and we all know that. »

The same story with James Borrego; delighted with the permanent threat that LaMelo Ball represents; whom some already imagine seeing honored his first appearance in the All-Star Game; in a month.

« You can create for others but also for yourself. -added the coach of Charlotte. ” that’s the beauty of [LaMelo Ball]. We need him to have the ball in his hands. He is a special boy; a special player. He is not afraid of anything and I trust him in hot moments. »

Currently riding a three-game winning streak; the Hornets will need an equally big LaMelo Ball against the Sixers next night. A team that the Michael Jordan franchise has not beaten since… 16 games!

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