Although no meetings have been missed since the start of hostilities; Clint Capela has not always evolved to the best of his abilities. A problem in the left Achilles heel and a treatment last August weighed on his preparation; his preseason and therefore his start to the season.

So if the Hawks had trouble starting; so did the pivot. Less present on the rebound; less skilled around the circle; the former Houston player no longer looked like the player of recent months.

“The first matches were difficult because I didn’t have a lot of training and rhythm”; awarded to the AJC. -I need stamina to really perform; that’s my game. I knew that it was going to take several meetings to feel myself again. I begin to feel that I have returned. “

In the first thirteen games of the season; Clint Capela had notably made four copies with less than 10 points and five with less than 50% shooting. Clearly; his averages dropped with 10.2 points to “only” 52% shooting; 11.2 rebounds and 1.2 against the average.

A good Capela and start again

For five games; he has been better; with 14.2 points at 71% shooting and 14 rebounds on average; and the Hawks come back to life with five consecutive victories. Anything but fluke for last season’s conference finalists.

“I played enough games to regain feeling; power; I run more and that obviously helps me”; he continues. -We are also starting to win; so I feel like I am having an impact with my speed and my runs. For my heel; it is still there; but I learned to play in spite of it; to find a way to face it. Then it will. “

And a Capela back to his best is a more composed and efficient defense for the Hawks; who shine offensively in their winning streak but have also progressed to stop their opponent.

“Defense is my pride”; reminds the player. “He is our pillar in this area”Nate McMillan; Atlanta’s coach; insists. -He is our goalkeeper; to defend our basket and take the rebounds. It is really difficult to get him off the field; he contributes so much. We will still need it to improve. “

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2018-19HOU673. 464.

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