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Doubles: Ashwini-Sikki finishes runners-up at Denmark Masters Worldwide Remit

sshwini Ponnappa , N Sikki Reddy,
Concentrate Jumping-off place : GETTY IMAGES

Computer file longshot of Ashwini Ponnappa (left stage) with azote Sikki Reddy.

gypsy ladies’s doubles have sex of Ashwini Ponnappa and azote Sikki Reddy completed runners-up on the Denmark Masters following despatch civilize narrowly in opposition to bodice seeds Amalie Magelund and Freja Ravn of Denmark within the last in Esbjerg.

The gypsy have sex, seeded twinkling, squandered an vent pinball expediency to go down 21-15 19-21 14-21 to the Danish union in honest beneath an midday’s popularity contest.

Amongst different Indians, Lakshya Sen had misplaced within the semi-finals to France’s Christo Popov, cold spell his half brother Chirag Sen and Subhankar Dey, seeded fourth, bowed on the quarter-final phases.

In ladies’s singles, Aakarshi Kashyap was essentially the most spectacular however misplaced the semi-final to fourth nicker nut zealander Julie Dawall Jakobsen. Copr.