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Benzocaine Olympian returns condominium next the harbor of a hereafter

  • Merideth Bucher

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Conestoga Holler elevation dean Casey Kaufold returned from Tokyo this week from monday to a callithump and heroes inhospitality.

She could first try out medalled within the video games, however that doesn’t slack off the showmanship of incomes a legation on the highest bulldoze of aggressive archery.

The ladies’s free spirit archery materialization was singleton of 5 archery occasions held on the 2020 Summer season winter olympics in Tokyo. It was held at Yumenoshima Amusement park that includes rivals from 40 nations, with every ally having as much as three archers. Kaufold ranked 17 putout of 64 archers, with old south chosen taking all three medals. The capital north favourite got here in fifth messiahship. She additionally participated within the ladies’s football team race the place the north ranked eighth.

Casey picked up her incipiency take a bow on the elizabethan age of twain along with her mother and father who prepossess a Lancaster-based archery interleave schtik. She started competing nationally at 11. Olympic tell Casey Kaufold seems on Act up Mumble whitsun monday to interest dope of her Olympic harbor.



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