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Katalin Novák, product of Orbán and future president of Hungary

Budapest, April 8, 2018 – On the night of his third consecutive election victory, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán thanks from the rostrum the excited supporters who gathered outside the Bálna cultural center on the banks of the Danube. A few steps to the left of the leader. “Illiberal”, Katalin Novák, multicolored dress and orange dangling earrings with the Fidesz logo, the party in power, drink your words. After the speech, Orbán, Novák and the executives of the conservative national team sing the Magyar national anthem like a church song, followed by an ecstatic crowd that applauds Fidesz’s triumph.

At the time, Katalin Novák was serving as State Secretary for Family and Youth, one of the deputy chairpersons of the party that has controlled Hungary with an iron fist since 2010, and had just won a deputy seat. oneis October 2020, the forty-year-old landed an influential family ministry without a portfolio. Next spring, the executive’s pro-natalist policy ambassador, knighted on 22 December 2021 by Viktor Orbán, she should easily get the anointing of Parliament and become the first woman to lead Hungary.

polyglot lawyer

Originally from Szeged, a large university city in the south of Hungary, Katalin Novák will recover, barring a cataclysm, the chair of János Áder, forced to retire on May 10, 2022 at the end of his second five-year term, as provided for in the Constitution. The vote will take place within thirty to sixty days prior to the end of the current mandate.

Novák was not Orbán’s preferred choice: the prime minister wanted László Kövér, president of the National Assembly, to become head of state. But the co-founder of fidesz (in March 1988), a close friend of the captain of Hungary, refused the offer.

Katalin Novak walks past a line of men with graying temples. With this consecration, Orbán warns his party that only loyalty counts and warns his people that only those who wholeheartedly support him can get promoted.”, analyzes Gergely Márton, political journalist for the liberal weekly HVG. “Politics says she will not change and will let fame go to her head if she is elected president. His promise, however, includes another reading. In the Palace S.tondor, Katalin Novak will continue to be a staunch follower and disciplined follower of orbáNorth.”

VRP of orbánism throughout the world, the polyglot jurist seduces the American extreme right and the tenors of the European extreme right.

An economics and law graduate, Katalin Novák began her rich professional career as an attaché at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between 2001 and 2003, then interrupted her career for seven years to support her husband’s work and raise their three children in Germany, near Frankfurt.

After his long parental leave, he advised the head of the Magyar diplomacy János Mártonyi (2010-2012) and headed the cabinet of the Ministry of Human Resources (2012-2014). His involvement and his trilingualism (English, French, German) captivated his colleagues, to the point of drawing Orbán’s attention.

One thing leads to another, Katalin Novák rose to the top of an ultra-male government. His pro-natalist measures, combining subsidies, favorable credits and tax carrots, halted demographic decline while installing babies as tools of the executive’s anti-immigrant policy.

VRP of orbánism throughout the world, the polyglot jurist seduces the American extreme right and the tenors of the European extreme right. Since 2019, Novák has chaired the Political Network for Values, an international organization “pro life” that defends the classic family model and religious freedom.

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In March 2021, it is her. who announced on Twitter the break with the European People’s Party (EPP), the great family of the continental right tired of the excesses of the Orbán regime. Last fall, Francophone Novák, decorated with the Legion of Honor in 2019 for her contribution to the rapprochement between Paris and Budapest, coordinated the notable Hungarian visits of Éric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen. Praising Novák’s near-blind rise to the presidency of Hungary, praising his experience, his adherence to traditional family values, and his interpersonal skills.

This daughter of a pediatrician and otorhinolaryngologist maintains an image of a powerful working girl, but assigns a retrograde role to women.

According to the newspaper hungarian nation, your profile “double rank minister”, from “builder of Fidesz foreign relations”, from “confident speaker of the main European languages”, from “meticulous curator” Y “agile leader of family politics” legitimizes the designation of Katalin Novák as a candidate. “It is a smart and skillful choice. This decision shows that Fidesz embodies a modern right-wing popular party, which includes successful female politicians who are appreciated by the public.” adds the political scientist Ágoston Sámuel Mráz, close to the power of the day.

outside the political arena, the sporty Novák He boxes regularly, skis since he was a child, runs regularly, sometimes practices archery and shares some cooking moments on his Facebook page. This daughter of a pediatrician and otorhinolaryngologist maintains an image of a powerful working girl, but assigns a retrograde role to women. Within a controversial video from December 2020, Viktor Orbán’s protégé stated that these “You shouldn’t always compete with men”, exhorting them to consider “happy to be able to give life” and to “Dare to say yes to the child.”

Impartial or “puppet”?

Katalin Novák is preparing to become the fifth person to lead post-communist Hungary, after the anti-fascist and anti-Bolshevik resister Árpád Göncz, the jurists Ferenc Mádl and László Sólyom, the two-time Olympic fencing champion Pál Schmitt (who plagiarized his doctoral thesis and resigned in April 2012) and the jurist János Áder, an old friend of Orbán and co-creator of the creation of Fidesz. His election requires two-thirds of the votes in the National Assembly, but the procedure must be just a formality with 133 Fidesz out of 199 deputies. The opposition has not yet chosen its colt.

Novák’s critics believe he will serve Orbán, win or fail in three months in the face of a united opposition. men by Peter Mark-Zay. “The appointment of Katalin Novák is the final blow to the presidential role, whose prestige has continued to deteriorate after Árpád Göncz [président de 1990 à 2000, ndlr] and whose remains of authority vanish with the departure of János Áder», tackles editorialist Zsolt Kerner. “Novák is not suitable to elevate the role of head of state above parties, unable to unite a divided nation, but she is an excellent candidate for Fidesz”, add site pen

Katalin Novák, product of Orbán and future president of Hungary
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interviewed through the Index portal, Katalin Novák affirms that it will not be a “puppet” of the Fidesz executive, will defend “the unity of the nation” Y “will never tolerate the dismantling of the rule of law”. With the election of Katalin Novák, Fidesz would retain access to power until at least 2027. If Viktor Orbán returns, the president loyal to the national-populist leader will likely help consolidate the regime. And if Péter Márki-Zay and the ragtag opposition alliance win, it will have a significant ability to undermine the activities of the new majority.

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