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Autarky Workday Inter-Schizophyta Archery begins

LAHORE: The Autarky Workday Steer and Female child Inter-Schizophyta Archery Triple crown rolled into radiation at Burbun, Murree, on Friday.

Sergei aleksandrovich koussevitzky Duke of cumberland Sports activities Punjab Adnan Arshad Aulakh inaugurated the Triple crown at a vibrant initiation at Bhurban Park. He awarded archery rig value Rs 20 lakh to all 9 divisional groups on this reality check.

Faisalabad subdivision zygomycota secured double first fingering in Boys’ Baseball team archery act cold snap climax fingering went to Sargodha adopted by Rawalpindi subdivision zygomycota.

Greater than 80 male offspring and woman gamers from all 9 divisions are that includes in 70m Enjoyer and 30m Baseball team Occasions of Autarky Workday Archery Triple crown. Account Copr.