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Caris LeVert and Domantas Sabonis dominate the Mavericks | NBA

Caris LeVert and Domantas Sabonis dominate the Mavericks |  NBA

The game started badly for the Pacers, overwhelmed by the efficiency of the pick-and-roll between Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis, the European duo that scored 18 points in the first quarter. Despite 7 points and energy to spare, Domantas Sabonis cannot prevent his clumsy team (36%) from falling behind at the end of the first act (26-22).

Fortunately, the Pacers quickly find their way back to the basket and start again: a 9/9 shooting to start the second quarter and here they are ahead of the score (44/36) 6 minutes into halftime!

Despite 14 more points from the Doncic – Porzingis duo, and 16 more from the backup duo Jalen Brunson – Tim Hardaway Jr, the Mavericks fail to regain the marker lead and conclude the first half in the Pacers’ rearview mirror, the authors a second quarter with 55% shooting accuracy (56-54).

The twelve minutes that follow after the locker room do nothing to decide between the two teams: 26 points scored on each side, with a 50% success rate in the Dallas shootings compared to 52% in Indiana. The gap remains minimal (82-80) before the end. But too dependent and spectator of Luka Doncic’s offensive exploits (2/7 in shooting), Jason Kidd’s men will handle this fourth quarter very poorly, scoring just 9 points scored in 8 minutes, allowing the Pacers to make a first break ( 98 -93) 2 minutes from the final bell.

A break that Malcolm Brogdon and then Caris LeVert, each with an award-winning shot, will turn into match point, definitively burying the Mavericks’ hopes of victory, who give up and lean too offensively to hope to win.


Rick Carlisle’s L’absence. Positive for Covid-19, the Pacers coach is isolated for the next few days and thus missed the reunion with his former team. It’s Lloyd Pierce, the former Hawks coach, who provides the interim.

The exterior discomfort of the Mavericks. 4/29 behind the arc, or 13.8% success rate. It is very, very difficult to win a match when your offshore skill is so poor. Jason Kidd’s squad relied on Luka Doncic’s offensive genius to try to energize their completely amorphous attack. But even the brilliant Slovenian could do nothing.


✅The Mavs bench. Despite the loss, the Dallas substitutes did the job, providing solutions (38 points) to a stuttering attack as soon as Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis were not on the court.

Wound Doncic. Slightly injured in the ankle in the third quarter, only in the fourth, “Luka Magic” faced several obstacles during the match. Despite everything, he got close to the triple-double and had 27 points (11/25 shooting), 9 rebounds and 9 assists.

✅ Le duo LeVert / Sabonis. With respectively 26 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists for the first, and 24 points and 10 rebounds for the second, Caris LeVert and Domantas Sabonis led their team. Remembering like this, the next day rebuilding rumors haunting Indiana, that the Pacers need them to win games.

⛔ The headlines from Dallas. 0 points for Reggie Bullock, 2 for Dwight Powell, 4 for Dorian Finney-Smith. A total, between them, of 6 points for 6 attempted shots. The Doncic / Porzingis tandem lacked support.


Dallas (12-13) : Sunday, ideal trip to OKC to relaunch

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Pacemaker / 106TirsBounces
PlayersMinTirs3 pointsLFTHEDTP.SFteIn tBpConnecticut+/-PtsEval
D. Sabonis3513/91/15/6two81073onetwo0+232435
M. Turner3711/63/72/237100400one+21723
M. Brogdon3715/52/90/00twotwo8twoone30+91210
C. LeVert3711/234/70/0two4650twooneone+162627
C. Duarte252/100/54/4one34two0one00-487
T. Craigtwo0/00/00/0one0one00000-50one
O. Brissett264/41/10/0one34two4one30+12913
B. Wanamakereleven1/20/00/00oneoneonetwo0one0+4twotwo
J. Lamb100/30/20/00twotwotwo3one00-60two
K. Martintwenty3/62/40/0twoone3oneone00one+14810
Mavericks / 93TirsBounces
PlayersMinTirs3 pointsLFTHEDTP.SFteIn tBpConnecticut+/-PtsEval
D. Finney-Smith381/30/12/2one56oneoneonetwo0+148
R. Bullocktwenty-one0/20/20/00oneone000one0-eleven0-two
D. Powell221/10/00/13two5two30twoone-3two7
K. Porzingis3117/92/62/2two0twotwo3000-twenty-one2218
L. Doncic3711/251/84/4two7994one3one-92730
M. Kleber130/30/22/20twotwoonetwo000-10twotwo
T. Hardaway Jr.307/151/90/0one34twoone3two0-twofifteen14
M. Brown9230/01/10oneone0one000+755
J. Brunson3112/70/10/0two57oneoneonetwo0-1414sixteen
F. Ntilikina50/00/00/00000one000+400
J. Green41/30/00/0one0one0one000-7twoone

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