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Why does Tom Brady deserve the title of MVP of the season?

In the NFL; the regular season is already a thing of the past. Now that the players will be able to take a break before refocusing very quickly in the play-offs; all eyes are rightfully on the honors. As a result; no one is spared to promote their candidate…

Tom Brady; the favorite of Bruce Arians;

It is a season that will be etched in the memory of both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and whoever will have lit up their season with his skill and science…
Tom Brady; for it is him; is coming off a year in which not even the most expansive superlatives would necessarily do justice to the American quarterback so familiar with Everest. And when you know he had such a disheartening season at such a canonical age: that’s all the more reason to bow down to the admirable; the unspeakable! Consequently; it’s implacable logic if some believe the MVP title is theirs by right. One of the most vocal about this is Bruce Arians. And it’s not the back of the spoon…
“I think if he doesn’t have it; it’s a farce;” the affected coach said Monday according to ESPN. -The record for successful passes; 5;000 yards; touchdowns;… For me there is no comparison. he will add.

What do the numbers say?

At 44 (yes! You heard right); Brady finished as the season leader with 485 passes for 719 attempts; 5;316 yards and 43 touchdowns. With Drew Brees (2018) and Peyton Manning (2013); he’s the only quarterback to finish first in these major categories since 1991. And there again; we’re far from essential. This horde of crazy stats; of mind-boggling numbers; takes on more weight when you imagine that they are all career records. Note; however; that for the last stat; the regular season extra game helped. But still; at such an advanced age; what Brady has done this season is simply immeasurable. And the 43 touchdowns? His best mark since the crazy 2007 season (50 TDs). Still; with 37 touchdowns and 4 interceptions and the best marks in the league for his team; Aaron Rodgers also has a great candidacy and will have a say in the final tally.

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady; Jr.; says that Tom Brady is; without a doubt; a living monument to the NFL. With seven titles won in the National Football League; the American soccer player is the most successful player in the history of the competition… And yet; the rearview mirror of history tells us that Brady was selected very late by a franchise and that his level of play was revealed only after his professionalization. The other downside is these contracts negotiated below their sports value but still make him one of the highest paid football players in history. Breaking News 24/7 Copr.