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Alpine skiing – Justin Murisier, a point and emotions in the Lauberhorn


The skier from Valais discovered the mythical Wengen descent this weekend. Between little fright, first point in discipline and gasp, immersion in the heart of his first.

Alpine skiing – Justin Murisier, a point and emotions in the Lauberhorn

Justin Murisier was in contact with the best descendants on top of the Lauberhorn on Saturday.


You must first specify that Justin Murisier started downhill for the third time in his career on Friday. Over a Ltouberhorn certainly amputated from its first thirty seconds, the Valaisian scored his first point in the World Cup (30th) in Wenge.

«Is a small Period, it’s not much, but it honestly proves that I’m not here to make an appearance, he explained. It is quite different from the giant. Downhill, gotta go hard, but also ski with your head, and I missed it a bit. I still want too much to go too direct.»

This had given him some scares during training on Wednesday. At the exit of Kernen-S, the skier from Bruson came too direct.

“Descending the Lauberhorn is a dream for any descender. I always wanted to do speed but I didn’t know if I had the capacity.

Justin Murisier, who discovered the Lauberhorn in descent mode

«I changed direction very quickly and there was the inner net that I went through like a door, but nothing serious, the giant smiled. The paint came off a bit, but I didn’t need to change my helmet.»

Valaisan’s thirtieth place allowed him to line up with the «real» Lauberhorn on Saturday. A dream has come true for the giant, who suffered numerous knee injuries, 28 years after his cousin William Besse’s victory on the same track.

“It is the Holy Grail for any descender to descend the Lauberhorn. I always wanted to speed up, but he didn’t know if he had the skills, he explained. It’s nice to love adrenaline, but you also need to have the qualities to succeed on the descent. Teverybody Was born may no descend as Feuz or Odermatt.»

Lack of oxygen in the legs.

The Bruson skier was found out of breath in the Lauberhorn finish area on Saturday., after completing the longest streak in the World Cup, with 45 additional seconds that have reduced the organizations after two speed tests (super-G on Friday and descent on Saturday).

«I’m calm, I spoke with the pure downhillers and they are all cooked, he laughed. It is difficult to put this pain into words. You start to smell it on the way before the Brorckli-S. At the Hanegg-Schuss, you think it’s going to be long! And the «G Force» you pick up, it takes your breath away! So impossible to bring back‘oxygen in the legs.»

“My heart would like to go to Kitzbühel, but I have to be reasonable”

Justin Murisier, 30 and 31 for his first descents on the Lauberhorn this weekend

With a position 31 and being deprived ofa second point for a hundredth, the world’s sixth largest giant wanted above all to keep its route start.

fresh focus

«I was in contact with the best in the long corners at the top of the Lauberhorn, which is a semi-feat because these are sliding parts, he rejoiced. Afterwards, I am a bit disappointed that I missed the technical part that should have gone better.»

Leaving the Bernese Oberland, Justin Murisier gave Austria some thought. «my c–You would like to go to Kitzbühel, but I have to be reasonable, rest and do some slalom before the Olympics.s””, stressed the Swiss, who will probably be too lined up in combined in Beijing. Breaking News 24/7 Copr.