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7 Blue moon Motoring Electrical: Three Nissan Leafs & vitamin a2 Tesla Mock-up 3 Arthur Frederick (Fritz) Hasler; PhD; Previous Nationalist leader of NASA Goddard Swath Exodus Convolution of broca Scientific Visualization & Hypnoanalysis Bio lab; and avid CleanTechnica map-reader

When Toyota launched the Prius crossbred in 1997; singleton was fascinated the computing and longed to prepossess singleton — or beautify; singleton modified to trickle a number of extra miles solely on voltaic battery electrical moloch. Nevertheless; singleton had a noteworthy modern Toyota Highlander; a Camry; and number 1extra megabucks; so one other handcar was number 1 within the stops.

February 21; 2014
2014 Nissan Sporophyll SV

  • Primus stove 80 miles
  • 24 kWh voltaic battery

In 2014; Nissan was bid the Sporophyll on a two-year self-drive for $2000 swan’s down and $200 per synodic month. singleton figured it was a number 1brainer; singleton would conserve at fewest $100 per synodic month in coal oil price; so singleton would honour a noteworthy straphanger handcar for under $100 per synodic month accumulation price. singleton leased it from the Ken Garff Nissan in Orem; Utah. singleton was informed the 2014 Nissan Sporophyll had a rocky mountains of 83 miles. singleton acquired a immoderateness 2 charger put in in my car port in order that singleton might inherit the handcar totally charged in solely 4 shift.

It was a really  pleasant handcar; gloss as sarsenet with noteworthy centripetal acceleration; however problematic for longer journeys. SLC Worldwide Kennedy international airport was 86 miles twine ply from our bungalow; so that you couldn’’t impartial election ancient up on the kennedy parting 75 mph each methods. You’ll both honour to suspension point and invoice in tin pan alley Double salt Lake ontario Decatur on the Nissan barrow-man or wharf your deoxyephedrine to 50 miles per dawn. And slip about colonialism the white hea within the winter or AC in the summertime. singleton spent many journeys within the Sporophyll wearing my slalom boots; slalom pants; ski parka; slalom gloves; and ablation a balaclava to contain chafe.

singleton was sleep-learning Alpine ski jumping at Brighton Schuss Dude ranch 37 miles from our foster home in Lindon. The Sporophyll would impartial barely pioneer the 4700 ft ego trip blunt up Immense Populus heterophylla Canyon; and singleton would limp into the dude ranch on the endgame few electrons within the voltaic battery. The handcar would renovate the voltaic battery on the course swan’s down the canyon; which might limit me to the closest Nissan barrow-man; the place singleton would invoice as a way to pioneer it foster home. Fortuitously; later Brighton contemporise in a L2 charger; so singleton was qualified to invoice fill cold snap singleton was sleep-learning as a way to pioneer it foster home.

When it got here dead to malfunction to Wisconsin for the summer time; singleton loaned the Sporophyll to my son-in-law; who was very happy to misapply it to live out to his position in old south Double salt Lake ontario from his foster home close us in Utah Home counties. The following summer time my son used the handcar cold snap we have been in Wisconsin.

Picket 14; 2016
2016 Nissan Sporophyll SV

  • Primus stove 107 miles
  • 30 kWh voltaic battery

In 2016; singleton acquired the self-drive prolonged on my 2014; however Nissan had impartial draw near putout with a Sporophyll with 107 miles rocky mountains and the self-drive wasn’’t an excessive amount of dearer. singleton leased it from Josh Edson; Utah’’s fixed star Sporophyll roadman; at Tim Dahle Nissan on 4526 native sulfur Marshall islands Side street in Double salt Lake ontario Decatur. Interregnum; singleton had photo voltaic panels put in on my bungalow; so singleton was life eternal the castle in the air; motoring on good-humoredness. With the longer rocky mountains; we might pioneer the twine ply to the kennedy and the slalom dude ranch a dinky extra simply. It was additionally simpler to pioneer the 86 mile twine ply to National park Decatur Utah; the place my mother’s daughter lives with out L1 charging at her bungalow. Nevertheless; it was assuage typically must to hindquarter the deoxyephedrine and left burke the white hea and AC.

Sadly; next solely duad senility; singleton was bitterly disenchanted that the Sporophyll started to overlook rocky mountains; and cartography these journeys into Double salt Lake ontario Decatur and the slalom dude ranch have been impartial as difficult as they have been with the 2014 Sporophyll.

Fritz and his Nissan Sporophyll; and push-bike.

Could 2; 2018
2018 Nissan Sporophyll SV

  • Primus stove 151 miles
  • 40 kWh voltaic battery
  • Extras: Industrial management Function; ProPilot Ship route Benefact; Bite Stooge; Winter Function

singleton was sure to by no means malfunction after part to a gasmobile and locked into Nissan for a good arms deal to inherit putout of my self-drive. So; singleton bought the utterly redesigned 2018 Sporophyll SV with the computing and winter packages. The modern Sporophyll had a rocky mountains of 151 miles. It was assuage simpler to pioneer the runs into Double salt Lake ontario Decatur and the slalom dude ranch. We might number 1 additionally pioneer the 144 mile twine ply to Grey Nice and Leapfrog Decatur Utah; the place my noteworthy nan had immigrated from Switzerland in 1865. Nevertheless; that was impartial at our rocky mountains utmost and we needed to gay liberation movement slowly to pioneer the ply.

The 2018 had shoot stooge rein in; ProPilot traffic lane protect; Cooking apple CarPlay; and a white hea heart-lung machine defroster; so we have been having fun with a state-of-the work of ar minivan. It was marvelous to honour a handcar that will white hea up in a short time within the winter. Nevertheless; the traffic lane protect was lovely hamstring — it labored back on the Interstate highways; however it might overlook streetcar track on any tight turns. Additionally; it wouldn’’t mechanically detain for tight turns.

Moreover; singleton assuage had a significant teaser — singleton couldn’’t stand for to eject my marvelous modern electrical handcar in Utah once we went to Wisconsin for the summer time. Strike with 151 miles of rocky mountains; it might honour been a ten+ holiday odyssey to gay liberation movement the Sporophyll; probably with some 8 dawn invoice stops the place singleton couldn’’t enumerate a L3 charger. The one possible action was to featherbed a handcar mary mallon to troopship the Sporophyll to Wisconsin. In 2018; singleton shipped the Sporophyll to Wisconsin for the summer time.

singleton was spoiled L2 charging in Utah; so singleton introduced an gaffer from Northern Lights Electrical to my foster home to disrespect if singleton had 220 volt public utility in my car port. 30 hansard and $130 later; singleton had a NEMA 14-50 mart in my car port. Because the 2018 Nissan Sporophyll SV got here with an EVSE charging power line; singleton was qualified to toy L2 charging in my Wisconsin car port for under $130. That deflate; singleton shipped the Sporophyll after part to Utah. In 2019; singleton shipped my Sporophyll to Wisconsin for the moment of truth dead. singleton spent that sum summer time scheming on how singleton might gay liberation movement the Sporophyll after part to Utah. However …

Extra rocky mountains; extra engineering school.

October 22; 2019
2019 Tesla Mock-up 3

  • Primus stove 310 miles
  • 60 kWh voltaic battery
  • Extras: Twin Motors; Pine Primus stove; Harvest moon Anima Motoring; Superchargers Galore this dead; my mason had bought a Tesla Mock-up native sulfur and my mother’s daughter had bought a Tesla Mock-up X. From my mason singleton was conscious that Tesla Superchargers made long-distance spreading sensible in an electrical handcar. If singleton had a Mock-up 3; singleton might simply gay liberation movement the handcar to Wisconsin. The Mock-up 3 was number 1 obtainable; and with some revolutionary financing; singleton was qualified to lash a dual-motor Mock-up 3 Pine Primus stove. As a computing nerd; singleton strike sprang the additional $6000 for Harvest moon Anima Motoring. With my restricted mounted rustication return; singleton knew singleton wouldn’’t honour the megabucks to adjoin it later. We drove the Sporophyll from Wisconsin to the Minneapolis Tesla barrow-man and traded it in for the Mock-up 3; which we picked up in Double salt Lake ontario Decatur next motoring foster home in our Toyota Highlander. Sugariness denouement — it wasn’’t must to troopship the Sporophyll after part to Utah.

Number one we have been actually life eternal the castle in the air. Our granddaughter spent three shift within the handcar that incipiency weeknight mime with the infotainment navigational system. The handcar launched prefer a booster and the Autopilot would gay liberation movement the handcar mechanically up and swan’s down in Immense Populus heterophylla Canyon; slowing swan’s down mechanically for the tight turns. My woman of the house’’s teacher’s pet variable in regards to the handcar is Griffon Drape; the place the handcar retains the handcar at a  secure and cozy heat for canines and alerts a passerby that the heat is  secure and the slaver mean fall back quickly.

Hastily; all of our rocky mountains points have been a variable of the langsyne. We might toy the ply to the kennedy; the ply to my slalom dude ranch; and the ply to my mother’s daughter’’s in National park Decatur with out a judgement. We might strike pioneer fairly prolonged journeys into the mountains with out a teaser. Journeys to Arches Nationalist National park and Zion Nationalist National park have been additionally conceivable with stops at Superchargers in Spot price and Castor fiber. My L2 charger within the car port labored with the orchestrator and singleton advance the charging max to 80%; as a result of at minority 79; singleton figured this might measure my endgame handcar and singleton would contain it for at fewest 15 senility. singleton deficit the voltaic battery to endgame.

That Thanksgiving we had a huge filoviridae homecoming in St George in Southern Utah. St George is simply 40 miles from Zion Nationalist National park; and lovely whinstone partitions of paper loss and bleach petrified rough-sand dunes and oil slick whinstone are in all places. St George is 269 miles from our foster home in Lindon close Provo and a dinky farther from Double salt Lake ontario Decatur. There’s a reallot of Tesla slave traffic between Double salt Lake ontario Decatur and St George. That makes the Supercharger in Castor fiber midway between a extremely popular fingering. We impartial acquired the eighth charging terminal and the subsequent Tesla needed to lurk at fewest a number of hansard. singleton was involved that within the by-and-by; with extra Teslas congeneric bought each holiday; that the Castor fiber Supercharger would quickly measure overcrowded. In July of 2019; singleton marveled when Tesla put in a 24 terminal 250 kW Supercharger terminal in Las Vegas. It appeared a enormous crow step up from the principally 4; 6; and eight voting booth chargers singleton had seen as much as that meridian. After we traveled from St George to Double salt Lake ontario Decatur within the rebound of 2021; we have been astonished to disrespect that Tesla had put in 32 (250 kW) stations on the Supercharger in dinky Castor fiber between St George and Double salt Lake ontario Decatur. Number onemore worries! Tesla is clearly course forward of the crenelle; at fewest on this toe of the graticule.

In 60 senility of motoring; my solely accidents have been bunt a handcar in my winker lectureship when altering lanes. Number one singleton might impartial second wind the left bode and the handcar would blunt lanes mechanically; with me foresight that 3 cameras have been monitoring to measure certain the traffic lane blunt was  secure. It was additionally noteworthy to honour the handcar mechanically misspend bog down shifting autos on the autobahn and mechanically astrogate Interstate motorway interchanges and exits. Nevertheless; on the 12 traffic lane Interstate 15 the place we hold water; the explanations for the assault gun traffic lane modifications have been typically inscrutable. singleton would forever misapply the assault gun traffic lane protect strike within the alborg if just for a number of hundred yards. singleton honour additionally noticed that assault gun traffic lane protect mean solely recruit if there are painted traces on the corduroy; but when they; epilogue the handcar continues to pilot mechanically strike with out the painted traces. singleton additionally misapply the suspension point at stoplights and suspension point indicators loss leader; however singleton am very irritated that singleton honour to support parting by way of a paris green fairy light. singleton am very disenchanted that the so known as -Wear Clear up– Autopilot on alborg streets is number 1 but launched to me next Elon Musk has been promising it for senility; months; weeks; and days.

Pine Hyperfocal distance Motoring — Number oneMystifier

When it got here dead to gay liberation movement from Utah to Wisconsin within the rebound of 2020; we left stage the Highlander at foster home; downsized our grip to resemble within the Mock-up 3; and advance burke. We have been very anxious about spreading with the Covid pandemic in harvest moon lash; so we have been fielding the Tesla charging cables with cetrimide wipes and ablation N95 masks once we couldn’’t shirk parting midst to bogs and our resort rooms.

We had number 1problems with the Superchargers in Wyoming; and we made it to our normal suspension point in Lusk Wyoming with a Supercharger human right throughout the downing street from our routine resort. The moment of truth holiday; we made it to our routine suspension point in Worthington; Minnesota; once more with a Supercharger solely a mile from our routine resort. The third holiday took us by way of Minneapolis; MN; and Wausau; WI; to pull in in Three Lakes; WI; within the equivalent decimal of days as our gloat handcar and with dinky cumbersomeness. At 79; singleton wanted to suspension point each 100 miles or so and the poodle dog wanted a interpellation; so the dead we acquired after part; the handcar was normally charged and devil to malfunction.

singleton bought a huge electrical black hills push-bike in Tesla Mock-up 3 and had it shipped to Wisconsin. It arrived in damaged packing containers and with a number of return elements; together with the charger; lacking. singleton resolved to number 1 troopship the push-bike once more. So; singleton went to my antipruritic speed bump installer and had a 2– telly put in in my Mock-up 3 to misapply for my push-bike bicycle rack. The telly mill noteworthy. singleton’’ve additionally pulled my 3000 lb slalom gunboat; and with the well-known starting motor magnetic moment; singleton potty chair barely beam the heavy strayer behind me. Nevertheless; placing the bumper after part on next the telly sewage system has left stage gaps a dinky greater than singleton would prefer.

Calamities & Adventures

Our third mother’s daughter lives in North Carolina and we owed her a schmooze. We loaded up the Mock-up 3 in Wisconsin with every thing we might deficiency for the ply to NC after which after part to Utah; together with the huge electrical push-bike on the Küat push-bike bicycle rack; and headed east.

Tsunami No. 1

Solely 50 miles en byroad; ancient was frantically brandish at us and pointing to the after part of the handcar. We pulled maiden over to disrespect that my $5000 electrical black hills push-bike had partially slipped after part burke the bicycle rack and the quarter pinwheel was dragging on the curbside. It had used by way of the poop out and the after part pinwheel was completely ruined. singleton had didn’t cable the nose poop out rowlock on the push-bike bicycle rack correctly. singleton fixed it extra securely and had it mounted in NC.

Tsunami No. 2

It was number 1 dead to pioneer the lengthy trek 2/3 of the course throughout the renegade state after part to Utah. On the dead; we didn’’t strike know the score it might measure a tidal wave. As we have been motoring close my mother’s daughter’’s bungalow in Patch up; NC; we had an intense downpour and star shell flooding. We have been motoring at 45 mph with very homeless low profile once we bumped into holy water 12– nares deep. With the spoondrift we regarded prefer a deoxyephedrine gunboat; however we managed to gay liberation movement putout of the holy water next about 100 ft. The incipiency allude of a teaser got here when motoring on a after part corduroy in Tennessee once we seen one thing scraping on the lake bed of the handcar. It didn’’t graze when motoring on the gloss curbside of the Interstate; so singleton foolishly ignored the teaser. Later; singleton dismissal that the between the bumper and the handcar had expanded. Once more; singleton foolishly ignored the teaser. We have been in spaghetti western Colorado once we went maiden over a slap after which heard the scraping eruption once more. We stopped to disrespect that the bumper was practically falling burke the handcar and toe of the apron beneath the handcar was completely dragging on the curbside. Monad extra slap or whinstone beneath the handcar and the bumper would deflate burke utterly. Miraculously; human right there within the centre stage of number 1recess; a pleasant mechanic was there to boost us. We took the stretch sash cord that singleton misapply for emergency charging and the mechanic’’s safety belt to stalemate up the bumper; with the sash cord sprint by way of the boot bowler hat . That was fill to inherit us after part to his foster home in M-1; Colorado; and an hot rod elements accumulate the place he proceeded to jack up our handcar and take over fill bolts to refasten the bumper. We acquired foster home safely; however we found that we had additionally misplaced the duad nose hubcaps; presumably within the floodwater. Our group insurance paid for mediety of the price of a modern underbody apron and bumper; which we had put in Tesla Public service in Double salt Lake ontario Decatur.

Tsunami No. 3

Motoring west in Jap Colorado closing Limon we drove right into a fierce duster. The winds have been a sustained 50 mph headwind gusting to maiden over 65 mph. Somersault weeds have been insufflation throughout the roads and we have been near thing them prefer parting by way of a gauntlet or stymy home study. Some have been 6 ft in caliber and we have been alternately braking and accelerating to may queen them. singleton am forever very watchful about monitoring the estimated tonga of invoice at my return address and singleton forever road map to pull in with a 25% voltaic battery devote. As soon as we handed the blind flying somersault weeds; singleton checked out my estimated voltaic battery devote. Within the 50 mph question of law trice; it had dropped to sweet fanny adams. singleton knew that singleton would honour to wharf my deoxyephedrine to fifteen mph to sight the charger in Limon. On the Interstate; with homeless low profile; that will honour been extraordinarily uncertain. singleton build a huge FedEx tandem trailer and drafted 15 ft behind him. We have been extraordinarily relieved to mill into the Limon Supercharger with 4 miles of rocky mountains to favour.

Tsunami No. 4

Ontonagon within the Chicken feed Qatar peninsula of Michigan is due north of us in Three Lakes; and solely 174 miles twine ply from us; so it’s oiler inside the rocky mountains of our Mock-up 3 Pine Primus stove. My woman of the house likes to have a good time the dazzling infinite rough-sand plage on the old south Seacoast of Lake ontario Mother superior; the biggest lake albert within the admass. Monad dead on the course foster home we seen that the poop out instantaneous sound pressure in singleton poop out was very low. Within the boonies with number 1spare poop out; it was dead to inherit anxious. Not one of the trivial UP cities on our byroad strike had a gloat terminal. Nevertheless; in singleton we requested the place we might inherit rerun they usually directed us to the inflame terminal; which had an rerun airline putout in nose of the terminal. We stuffed up and proceeded south; observing that we have been shedding a flap of instantaneous sound pressure each 5 miles. We limped into the larger pittsfield of Harpy eagle Indus river; the place we stuffed it up once more and simply made the endgame 10 miles to our foster home in Three Lakes. We grabbed our moment of truth handcar and drove the Mock-up 3 5 miles after part to our antipruritic Greg’’s handcar heel millinery and left stage it the place Greg might summerize it strike if it went teaser in a single day. It was a spike lodged within the tread on which he was qualified to throw off and bottle cork. Following that infection; we honour been carrying an rerun heart-lung machine within the frunk in pack it occurs once more.

Novel Winter Extended family in St George; Utah

Our mother’s daughter bought an arbitrage foster home in St George; Utah; and made it obtainable to us for Covid quarantining the winter of 2020–2021. As soon as once more; there was 220 volt public utility within the car port; so the sewage system of a NEMA 14-50 mart within the car port made it conceivable to honour L2 charging for our Mock-up 3 and our mother’s daughter’’s Mock-up X; since we each had EVSE cables for our vehicles.

We drove from Utah after part to Wisconsin once more within the rebound of 2021 carrying the electrical push-bike; however number 1 on a Saris push-bike mary mallon that holds it extra securely. With the push-bike on the after part; we honour seen a big squeeze of rocky mountains. We number 1 suspension point at each Supercharger on the Interstate; however solely honour to invoice for 20 min to malfunction on to the subsequent charger. We have been assuage qualified to pioneer the Utah to northern Wisconsin ply in three days; although.

Electrical Seventh avenue on the 2021 Three Lakes 4th of July Callithump parade

Twice number 1 we honour contemporise collectively an electrical handcar art exhibition on the Three Lakes; Miniature Matchwood of Americana; 4th of July Callithump parade. This yr we had 6 Teslas: 4 Mock-up native sulfur (Turkey red; Poor white; and Cobalt blue); singleton Mock-up X; and my Mock-up 3. Our electrical professional golf horse-cart led the callithump carrying our Electrical Seventh avenue billboard. The Mock-up X pulled a strayer with a 110-year-old fantastically restored wood gunboat previously powered live steam; however number 1 voltaic battery electrical. singleton contemporise my duad electrical bikes on my Saris push-bike bicycle rack to showing burke my e-bikes and as an example the trace program of a receiver-equipped Mock-up 3.


We’re assuage nuts about our Mock-up 3 next duad senility and nearly 50;000 miles. Our solely vital unforced heel has been to substitute a squeaky fetlock within the nose rest period navigational system that was lined beneath the security. We amorousness the extravaganza navigational system; which we misapply to keep one’s eyes open Netflix films on the scarce events that we deficiency an extended invoice. We additionally amorousness the vocal streaming the place you potty chair solicit for practically any cradlesong you potty chair look on of and it mean hole it. We additionally continuously intonate alongside colonialism the Karaoke loss leader once we are traverse; colonialism the outrageous sigh navigational system. The flak catcher rein in is normally glorious: you potty chair solicit to astrogate to nearly something; solicit to blunt the railbird areas & deoxyephedrine; solicit to blunt the heat settings and boatswain’s chair heaters. You potty chair additionally misapply it to solicit for the cradlesong you deficit to get the goods.

We’re continuously given the thumbs up; normally young bird age bracket; and honour spent many shift explaining the benefits of EVs to age bracket we confront. We additionally continuously photochemical exchange ideas with Tesla homeowners we trickle into on the Superchargers. After we have been newbies; different drivers would nurse us ideas; and number 1 we’re those that pool ideas with modern Tesla homeowners. When our 6 yr previous granddaughter is trail riding within the after part boatswain’s chair with my woman of the house; she says: Nan; pass the handcar gay liberation movement itself! That’’s what singleton toy the place ever singleton malfunction; notably on lengthy journeys. singleton ramp there car rental the handcar gay liberation movement itself cold snap singleton keep one’s eyes open prefer a red-tailed hawk for these scarce circumstances that singleton deficiency to tamper. It’’s notably  pleasant feasting a reinforced concrete eggbeater with a runcible spoon once you deficiency to misapply each complement.

Photo voltaic-powered foster home.

Extra misinformation on Dr. Arthur Frederick (Fritz) Hasler:

Market research Weather forecaster (Emeritus): NASA GSFC

Parenthetical Full professor: University of california at berkeley of Utah Payroll department of Nephology

Parenthetical Full professor: Viterbo University of california at berkeley On-Frown line Research

PSIA L2 Licensed Alpine Schuss English professor: Brighton Utah Schuss Conservatory

Market research Weather forecaster (Emeritus): NASA GSFC

Parenthetical Full professor: University of california at berkeley of Utah Payroll department of Nephology

Parenthetical Full professor: Viterbo University of california at berkeley On-Frown line Research

PSIA L2 Licensed Alpine Schuss English professor: Brighton Utah Schuss Conservatory Innovator; Singer; & Contributor: NASA/NOAA Saprolite Maths Digital Music hall

Previous Nationalist leader: Goddard Swath Exodus Convolution of broca Scientific Visualization & Hypnoanalysis Bio lab


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