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users start getting a new design based on Material U

As Google announced earlier this month, Gmail will have a new design inspired by the philosophy of Content U. This is another tactic to standardize the look of all the services offered by the American company.

After your announcement, it’s time to make the new look of the web version of Gmail available to all your users. The change will happen in the coming weeks.

Gmail is the gateway to many Google communication services

This news was published on Google’s official blog. In it, the US company highlights the changes it plans to implement to make Gmail a platform that unifies the various communication services the company offers.

This will be one of the main new features of the new Gmail, which will bring shortcuts to Gmail, Chat, Spaces and Meet on the left side. With a simple click, users can quickly navigate to the service that best suits them.

This is an indication of the effects of the pandemic and the popularity of telework. Make regular video calls or keep in regular written contact with your colleagues.

Users who have already activated their chat account will be the first to notice this new feature. However, in the coming weeks, more and more Gmail users will get the newly developed design for the service.

Also note that the new design replaces Gmail’s traditional white background with a blue background. Various elements and text boxes now have rounded corners inspired by the U Material Design philosophy introduced in Android 12.

Few details make this popular email service look sleeker and fairer. This is one of the most significant design changes made to Gmail in recent years, and users are sure to be happy.

It’s easy to find the emails you want

In addition to the visual changes, the new Gmail has revised inbox filters. In the top right corner of the Gmail search box is a button that automatically displays various filters that you can apply.

The filters are the same as before, but now you can select them before entering the words you want to search for. According to Google, this can be a simpler and more efficient way to find what you’re looking for.

Google also announced that it will improve the Gmail experience for tablets by the end of 2022. Among the novelties, the company highlights the availability of new emojis and new accessibility options.

The new design that is now known is better. That means users can keep their current look if they want.

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