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“I wasted a lot of money and time. I can make money, but I can’t get it back in time ”: Here’s what former England player Paul Merson admitted after spending his fortune | Soccer | Sport

Since there are some legends and figures of the sport They were fortunate enough in the promises and luxuries achieved during their careers.

Some have retired and failed to invest their earned money effectively, as happened to Paul Merson, a former leader. England team in the 90s and an Arsenal figure.

Merson told GB News he feels sorry for an addiction that has devastated him.

“It’s sad what happened, but he was sick, and that’s what I understand. I’m a sick person trying to get better and I had to recover very quickly, ”said the retired player, as quoted by Infobae.

Some of his revelations suggested that it was alcohol and excesses in luxury that led him to waste his fortune, but gambling was the worst of all, he noted. The Daily Ace.

“I wasted a lot of money and time. I can earn money, but I do not have time to make up, “he said in the interview before lamenting that he’s lucky to have lost more than seven million English pounds.

As Merson’s income increased, he became more gamble, to the point that at one point he was left without the money he had set aside to buy a house.

The former Arsenal have admitted that his wife still checks his phone to make sure he does not fall into such an addiction again.

“My wife still picks up my phone and checks it. She deals with the money. I have something in my pocket at 54, but that’s all I need. I can’t have money around me. “

England selected the player and he played the World Cup in France 98, a case in which he reached round 16.

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