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How long to wait to shower after eating | home tricks | nnda nnni | ANSWERS

Throughout our lives we have grown up surrounded by myths, some more exaggerated than others, for example: behave yourself or the ‘cuckoo’ will come for you, lightning never strikes in the same place or don’t open the fridge if you are hot or he turns his face. Because of this, the following question arises which for some people is a false myth: is it bad shortly thereafter ? Here we answer it.

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How long should I wait to shower before eating? This question will be found in the following lines and be sure that the answer will surprise you. Of course, it should be made clear that it is a myth that many of us have grown up with, so don’t blame your parents.

Is it bad to take a shower shortly after eating?

nor you showers after eating because digestion will be cut off. This is what has been said for a long time and unfortunately it is completely untrue. The digestion is not cut much less on the contact of our skin with the water, as he states of the sports world.

What is erroneously called “digestive cutting” is, according to the mentioned medium, nothing more than syncope due to hydro-pressure. What does this mean? This only happens in some cases when we decide to take a bath in very cold water and suddenly.

If this happens, it is very likely that it could cause a loss of consciousness, especially when we are in the sea or the pool. Specialists assert that this can happen without the need to eat food beforehand, which is why stopping digestion is a false myth.

How long should I wait to take a shower?

The answer is more than obvious. With what was explained above, there is no need to wait any time to shower after eating. You can do it whenever you want, but you need to follow some recommendations.

One of them is to take a shower with hot water and, if you wash with cold water, it will help your body not to suffer from syncope when you come into contact with it suddenly. This recommendation should also be taken into account when entering the pool or the sea, where the temperature is very low.

What are the benefits of hot water?

As we mentioned before, the hot/warm water It has the ability to relax the whole body, so it is very useful for relieving muscle discomfort or headaches. It is also a good choice to relax the nervous system, fall asleep and reduce stress, accordingly .

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