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Cloudy and warm conditions, the weather forecast for this Tuesday night in Tampa | Videos | Univision Tampa Bay WVEA

“Tampa Bay Univision News”.The war welcomes you.let’s just go with thattime in advance with lilianatell us how you will bethe scene tonight afterthe showers here in the bayof tampa.liliana: that’s it, it was goodeveninghe ate very well and after2:00 3:00 in the afternoonwe started to see that increase.this is due to sea breezewhich practically allows thestorms move offshoreand stay on the coast ofinside tampa bay andeast side of this time dry conditionsin much of the area and then it goesto wait for the rest of itthe night.tomorrow there is a drizzle for thecoast, but in the afternoonwe could get strongstorms, including manyfeatures like strong wind,hail and also downloadselectric in our will be a little latecomplicated in our area.if we see the next sevenhour we see if you have plansfor 7:00 8:00 at nightWe are still at 90 degrees,but tomorrow the temperaturescome down a little and we are going tofeel relief from them106 107 temperature.for tomorrow about an hour of theafter that we will start to seesome rain already starting